The most amazing cup..

The title of this sounds really boring I know as how can a cup be exciting but if your a Mummy that finds baby and toddler stuff exciting then read on.... :)

So a little while ago I was contacted by a company called OXO (no not the gravy people, although I will admit, this was my first thought too!) asking me to review their toddler cup from their OXO tots range. OXO was created in 1990 by Sam Farber, an entrepreneur in the homeware industry who wanted to create a range of comfortable kitchen tools that could be used by everyone. They then introduced the OXO tot range with the aim of making feeding little ones a little bit easier and a lot more fun and after using their sippy cup I would give them a high five as I think they have achieved this!

This cup, in my opinion, is no normal sippy cup. One first looks, yes it looks like one. It has the soft, non slip handles that are curved to help little hands hold on to it. It has the traditional sippy cup lid with an additional leak proof valve which can be inserted and removed to give either a controlled or free flow and its dishwasher safe, BPA, PVC and Phthalate free which are all fantastic features but in my opinion, not unique or game changing.

What is game changing though is the other features that also come with this cup. Firstly, you can remove the handles which leave you with a proper cup shaped cup (if that even makes sense!) with 2 little soft grip sections to help little hands hold on when learning how to hold a cup without handles. Secondly (and my most favorite thing about this cup) is the training cup lid which has a transparent insert in it with little holes all the way round the outside to let your child learn to drink out of a cup with out the risk that they will chuck the whole thing over their head or face! I love this feature as Bubs loves to drink out of grown up cups but doesn't understand that if he tips it too much the water goes all over his face and he ends up in a bit of a state after attempting to drown himself via cup! Due to the little holes around the insert it means that when they tip the cup there is enough liquid coming out to for the child to understand that they tip it to drink but not so much that they end up looking like that have been dunked in a bath! ANDDDD it gets even better...once you child has mastered the art of drinking from the cup with the insert in, you can remove it so you are left with a regular grown up cup. AMAZING!

The only downside with this cup..and it pains me to say there is a downside as I honestly love the thought that has gone into this product..is that is doesn't cup with a lid whilst it is being used as a sippy cup. It is fine if you have the non spill valve in but Bubs doesn't drink it with that in and only drinks out of free flowing cups which means that this cup can't come out and about with us as it spills in the bag.

Apart from the minor thing, this cup is brilliant. It adapts and changes as your baby grows and has features which to me, makes in stand out in a busy sippy cup market.
To purchase your own sippy cup (RRP of £10.20 which to me is a bloody bargain for a cup that will last this long) or to see the range of OXO tot goodies then click here!


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