To my 10 month old...

To our wonderful little boy,

Your 10 months old today! I can't quite believe that it was 10 months to the day that you came into our lives and turned them upside down..all for the better of course!

Your turning into such a funny, cheeky, happy little boy and everyone that meets you always remarks on how smiley and happy you are as whenever you see someone you give them your funny sucked in bottom lip grin. It makes you look soooo cheeky but I love it.

Development wise you are coming on leaps and bounds and its actually a little scary to see just how quickly you are growing up. You seem to have suddenly turned into less of a baby and more of a little dude almost over night. Your now crawling and you are so so fast! To start with you couldn't really get the hang of it and you kept getting your leg stuck underneath you but now your going there is really no stopping you. If your playing in the lounge and I'm in the kitchen, I know your coming as I hear your little hands pit pattering across the floor. To be honest I am surprised that your crawling as I really thought you would walk first. In saying that, your still desperate to walk and your getting so good at it. You crawl over to the sofa (or anything you can pull yourself up with, even the wall) and pull yourself up and start side stepping like a little crab. You give me (and Nanny and Daddy and anyone who is watching) heart attacks though as you tend to try to let go and do 'no hands' whilst looking very proud of yourself :) You can also walk holding onto to just one of mine or daddy's hands now but your very wobbly. I don't think it will be long until your off toddling around on your own and then the fun will really start!

Talking about fun, this whole crawling thing has brought with it a whole load of new fun things for me and Daddy to worry about. You love nothing more than trying to explore what is around you. You try to open every cupboard and draw it the kitchen and constantly pick up any little crumb or spec of dirt you find on the floor which is a good thing in a way as its giving me a great intensive to keep the house clean. Daddy fitted lots of draw locks and cupboard locks as well to stop you for getting any of the things that could hurt you out. I have to have eyes in the back of my head now as if I'm not keeping an eye on you then you are off making mischief :) We wouldn't have it any other way though.

Your still eating really well and love feeding yourself now. You love cherry tomatoes, grapes, bread sticks and yogurts. I had you weighed about a week ago and you were 22 lbs 10 oz which is just where you should be so your doing so well. You've started to drink less and less milk now as I think you are starting to learn that there is more to your belly than milk and you love it!!

Sleeping is still going well, You tend to sleep through the night most of the time although I think your teeth have been playing you up a little bit recently as we had a few days where you just kept crying every hour and Daddy ended up sleeping on your bedroom floor to keep comforting you and popping your dummy back in for you. Your first little tooth is just starting to pop through which must be so hard for you but your dealing with it so much better than I thought you would. It is literally there just under your gum waiting to come through and I just wish it would pop through and stop causing you pain as we know it hurts. Hopefully soon we will be taking pictures with a toothy little grin :)

There are only 2 more months until your 1 years old and I can't quite get my head around that fact...1 years old!!!! That is madness to me. But before then we have lot's of fun things to look forward to like our first family trip away at the end of July, your first trip to the zoo coming up and I'm sure lot's of fun things that we don't even know about yet.

You may only be 10 months old but me and Daddy are already so proud of you and love you so so so much even when you are being our cheeky pickle face :)

Love you forever


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