Whats in my changing bag....

This is a post that has been requested quite a bit in recent months and now it is finally here...what is in my changing bag!
NOTE: None of this is a sponsored post and all items that I mention in this post including the bag itself are 100% what we use and what we have brought.

So firstly, the bag itself. Now, when I was pregnant and looking at buying a changing bag I kept on saying how I didn't want to spend loads of money on it as it is 'only a bag' but then I came across the Pacapod range one day and fell in love. We got the Pacapod Mirano as I thought the colour would suit a baby boy and also wouldn't make hubby feel too silly if he was carrying it. The bag is totally wipe clean and comes with a front pocket (great for your phone) and an internal zip pocket which I tend to keep dummies and medicine in. The best part of this bag though is the pods! The Mirano comes with a feeding pod and a changing pod which both attach inside the bag via a Velcro loop in their own separate compartment. The compartment is so easy to access and unzips all the way around to expose both the pods which is great when you are out and about and need to quickly grab a snack or juice for little one. The pods come out of the bag which is the other element I love. This means that when you baby needs changing you don't have to take the whole bag with you, you can just take the pod. The pods themselves have so many perks as well. The food pouch is all wipe clean inside and insulated and the changing pod has 4 different compartments that are all labeled for easy storage an access of all the additional changing bits you need like cream and hand gel. I LOVE this bag and am so glad that we brought it (well to be fair it was a gift from my wonderful grandparents) and I honestly believe it is well worth the money!! I always wanted to try a pink lining bag as they were raved about when I was pregnant but I struggled to find a bag that would not bag Hubby feel silly carrying it. I live in hope that pink lining will one day start selling a bag less Mummy orientated and more for both mummy and daddy.

Now, onto what I keep in the pods.. So first, we have the food pod. Now obviously, if we are going out for lunch I will add Bubba's lunch to this and his bottles and milk etc but this is the standard stuff that I keep in the bag at all times. Its a bit like my emergency stash as I always like to be prepared! In this pod I have:

  • 3 spoons as you never know when you will need a spoon!
  • A bottle of ready made Cow and Gate Follow on 2 just in case we ever get caught out with out the water and milk powder that we normally use at home.
  • Ella's kitchen smoothie and Ella's kitchen Chicken and rice casserole. These once again are emergency supplies just in case we ever got caught out somewhere and I didn't have Bubba's food with me or didn't have access to buy him anything..plus these are super scrummy!!
  • Ella's kitchen Puffits. Same as above really but just as a little snack just in case.
  • An Ikea bag tie thing (don't know what you actually call them) to re seal any bags of crisps or snacks we may open
  • Bubba's Chillipeeps 3 in 1 spout. This is a MUST have! It just means that if we ever left the house without his bottles or a cup, I can attach this straight onto the bottle and hey presto..Bubba has milk! It is brilliant!! (oh...shameless plug here too....I am a chillipeeps champion now as I rave about their products so much and if you fancy getting your bubba some chillipeeps then they have kindly given all of my readers a 10% discount if you use the code MYMUMMYSPAM when checking out on www.chillipeeps.com)
So, that's the food pod. In the changing pod I have the following:

  • Aldi Nappies (why would I use anything else?!?)
  • Some huggies sensitive wipes..only as I am out of Aldi ones and need to use these up otherwise it would be Aldi all the way!
  • some hand santiser
  • Nappy sacks
  • A tiny tube of Metanium which I think is a sample size but its perfect for keeping in my bag. 
  • A waterproof bag which at the moment has a change of clothes in with but what I love about this is that if Bubs has an accident and needs to be changed then the dirty clothes just pop straight into this bag to stop anything else getting dirty then all goes in the wash when we get home.

The bag also comes with a changing mat which I keep in a pocket at the front of the zip up flap. These pods then pop into the bag like so:

One part of this bag that I love is that you can remove the pods and attach them to your pram handles to them give you more room in the bag itself if you need it. 
Now onto what I actually have in the main bulk of my bag...bear with me as you can fit quite a bit in...
  • Toys - a must have for me at the moment as Bubba is into everything! I tend to keep his Sophie in there to chew on, some other little teether, a couple of rattly noisy toys and his mickey as his little comforter if we are out. I try not to take his favorite toys out as I always worry about his throwing them out and loosing them. 
  • Bubbas red book - this may be a little too much but as I have said previously, I am a worrier and like to know I am prepared. I keep his book in the bag so that if anything every happened to me then someone could look in it and get Hubbys number or Bubba's details to help us. 
  • Shoes - I don't tend to put Bubba in his shoes all the time as I am conscious that I want his feet to grow naturally but he does like to be able to walk around (holding our hands) sometimes so I always keep this to hand so we can pop them on if he wants to go for a wander.
  • Sun cream - no brainer really. factor 50+, baby and sensitive skin sun cream. 
  • Sun hat - once again...no brainer at the moment.
  • Rain jacket - with the weather the way it is I always keep this little jacket in my bag. I picked it up at the Aldi Baby event and folds up tiny so I can keep it in the bag just in case!
  • Dribble bibs - these are from Funky Giraffe as they are the only bibs we use anymore as they are so bloody brilliant!!!! Bubba is a super dribbley baby and with his teeth popping through at the moment too you can imagine why we have these to hand at all times!
  • Dummies - Bubba only tends to have a dummy if hes tired now but I always keep a pair in here for emergencies.
  • Calpol, calpofen, teething granules and bonjela - All pretty self explanatory really. I just keep a couple of sachets of each in the bag in case we need them as you never know when teething will attack!!!
So thats everything! It seems like such a lot when I sit and write it all down but its really not when you think about what we use from it. I also don't expect his changing bag to stay like this very long as it always seems to be changing as he gets older. I said to Hubs the other day 'Can you remember when this pod used to be filled with bottles and milk and now its filled with snacks and juice?!'. Its crazy!!
Is there anything that you have in your bag that you think I have missed or could need? Let me know in the comments below! :)

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