Wicked Uncle Review..

At my Bubs house she has these little toy eggs with lids that squeak and come in a little egg box and Bubba loves them!! He is easily entertained with them for a good 15 mins which for him is pretty damn good. I came across a version of them on a website called Wicked Uncle and was offered the chance to review them and their service and I was super excited!

Wicked Uncle (meant to be wicked as in cool rather than wicked as in witch!) has an aim to make it as easy as possible to find toys for boys and girls of all ages for birthdays, Christmas or just because :) They offer to gift wrap the toys, send them direct to the child with a handwritten birthday card and will even send you a reminder the next year to avoid any awkward moments. The part of the service that I really love and that really stands out to me is that if you end up buying to wrong thing or they already have that toy then you can return the product to Wicked Uncle and they will give you credit or replace it with something else. BRILLIANT!

The website itself is so easy to navigate and all of the toys are split into age range so you can easily find suggestions for gifts and toys. The range of toys available is so extensive that they have a gift to suit every price range which I also love! Wicked Uncles aim is to basically become the best E-commerce toy shop on the net and they are ticking all the boxes for me!

The toys themselves are a fantastic price whilst being such good quality! We were sent the following:

Hide 'n' Shake Hunny Pots - Winnie the Pooh: £12.95
Bubba loves these! They are basically what they sat on the tin. Little egg shaped pits with different Winnie the pooh characters inside that rattle when they are shaken. The come inside a little egg box which Bubba loves playing with sometimes more that the pots themselves :)

Create & Play Pattern Blocks - £17.95
These are so great. I love the simplicity of them but they have already provided hours of entertainment to Bubs. He loves it when we build a tower and then he deconstructs it brick by brick. The blocks are sturdy whilst not being so heavy that Bubba can't pick them up and play with them. 

Farm Touch & Feel Puzzle - £8.95
This took me back to my childhood! It is one of those toys that are timeless as it is so simple. This puzzle with different texture on the puzzle pieces is a little too old for Bubba right now so he's not too interested but as it's the kind of toy that won't age I am keeping it to one side for when he is old enough to play with it rather than just bash the puzzle pieces together!

Delivery from Wicked Uncle was fantastic with the toys being delivered in a couple of days addressed to Bubba and coming with a wonderful little thank you post card with the original senders address on which would be lovely to send back from the child if these were birthday gifts. 

Overall, the whole process with Wicked Uncle was brilliant! From how easy it is to navigate around their website and make a purchase to delivery and the fantastic toy quality, I can't recommend them enough! To visit their website click here: http://www.wickeduncle.co.uk/


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