Don't judge me..

Why do people think that it's okay to comment on your parenting techniques and choices? Not people like your mum or friends but random people.. It drives me bonkers!

The other day I was speaking with a lady about my son (my favourite subject) and she asked me if I'd had my lunch yet. I said no and then this is how the conversation went..
Lady: oh well you should eat soon as you have to keep your strength up as a mummy.
Me: I'll be fine. He's such a good boy generally so doesn't cause me many problems.
Lady: yes but when your breast feeding you have to make sure you eat regularly to keep your supply up.
Me:oh no, I don't breast feed. Never have. My son is nearly one now so will be going onto cows milk soon too.
Well at that point the lady then slapped me (playfully) on the wrist and said
Lady: You naughty girl! I used to be a midwife you know and you should have breastfed.

I was in shock! I was shocked that a person that didn't know me from Adam had the audacity to scold me for not breastfeeding my son. I was so shocked that I couldn't even argue back. I just very politely finished the conversation and wished her a nice day and off she went without a second thought about how that comment had made me feel.

Who was she to judge my parenting preferences? She didn't know about how Bubba had been poorly when he was born and how I spent the first couple of days of his life in tears and feeling helpless than my poor baby had to go through so much. She wasn't there when I was desperately tying to get him to latch on when he was born but just couldn't do it. She didn't know how I had felt when we made the decision to bottle feed and how torn I had felt between carrying on trying and just giving my son the milk he was so vocally demanding.

I will always stand by my decision to bottle feed and have never once regretted what we did as it the long run it was without a doubt the best decision for all three of us and it didn't do him any damage at all. What I do hate though it the judgment of strangers and plead to everyone out there to never judge another parent on the way they raise their children until you know them and their situation. Every child and parent is different and being judged by a totally stranger is not helpful at all!!! I'm just glad I didn't start talking about he fact that we weaned bubbas at 4 months, then the poop would have really hit the fan!! :)

Have you ever been judged by a stranger? Or have you ever been the one doing the judging?
Would love to know your thoughts :)

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