Family time is the best time

Today I am back at work after a week of bliss. Last week was the first time since Bubba was born that we have spent an entire week together as a family and I loved every single second of it. We didn't do anything fancy but everything we did, we did together as a family and it was wonderful.

We went to a Zoo one day and seeing Bubba looking at all the animals was amazing but what was even more amazing to me was seeing how much of a wonderful Daddy my Husband is. He has spent every second possible with our little boy this week and bubba has loved it so much. They have been being silly, played lot's, had lot's of cuddles and kisses and a had lot's of baby chat discussions as Bubba has all of a sudden become really chatty. Watching the two of them has melted my heart and I could sit and watch them for hours.
We took Bubs out on his trike for walks in the woods and to the park, went swimming, hubby and I laughed until we cried over the silliest things and we spent time in doors building towers and helping bubba learn to walk. It has made me feel so refreshed and feel so much more connected to hubby as I spend so much time with bubs and not a lot of time with hubs so it was lovely to remember what I love about him and actually spend some quality time with him.

We didn't have to spend lot's of money, didn't have to go and do anything major but we just had to spend time together. Family time is well and truly the best time and I can't wait until we get to do it all again in September :)

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