I miss my baby...

My baby is not much of a baby anymore...he still has baby moments where he wants to cuddle but he is become more and more of what I would consider a toddler. Thinking back 6 months ago, he was my baby. He depended on me to feed him his bottles, entertain him, cuddle him, move him from one place to another, basically he depending on me for everything. Now things are so different. He moves around on his own, feeds himself and holds his bottles on his own, happily plays with his toys and is such a little fidget bum that it's hard to steal a cuddle. Don't get me wrong, I know this is all part of his development and I am so proud that my baby is growing up into such a funny, cheeky, caring little boy but recently I have realised how much I miss that little baby.
People have said that its me being broody... "ooo you want another baby" and "I bet you'll be pregnant next year" are phases I hear regularly but it's not me being broody at all. I don't want another baby at the moment as I want to enjoy Bubba and the time we have just the three of us but I do just really miss him being a little baby. I partly feel like I didn't appreciate him being a baby enough and I was too excited about him growing up to really enjoy the baby stage. I think that sometimes when you are in that baby stage it's so exhausting and sometimes overwhelming that you look to the future for hope and that tends to stop you from really loving every single second which is something I regret. I think this is also all coming at me now as we approach such a huge milestone (bubba turns 1 in a couple of weeks) and it is seriously scary how fast this past year as gone!
In saying all this, there is nothing I can do about it and I'm not looking for advice, just to talk and express how much I miss my little baby.
So for now, I will push that little sad feeling down and just soak up every second with my almost toddler who is into everything and developing his own amazing albeit stubborn little personality. In those moments where I want to snuggle with that little baby again I will have to just reminisce on his baby photos....or failing that, pinch my best friends soon to be here baby for a squeeze :)

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