Muddle Puddles Review

When it starts raining, whats the first thing you do? You take cover inside or run out to get your washing off the line. Well not me and Bubs. When it rained the other day I jumped at the chance to get out in there and test out Bubbas new Puddles Pac-an-All-in-One (RRP £17.50) which we were very kindly sent from Muddle Puddles.

Muddle Puddles is a innovative brand whose aim is to clothe the worlds young explorers in the best outdoor clothes possible. They have created a range of products that are not only super cute looking and great value for money but are also practical, durable and 100% water and wind proof!

Picture taken from Muddy Puddles website
When we received this all in one suit, the first thing I loved about it was that it all fits into a little pouch that is built into the mac which, in turn, has a very handy little hook on it. This means that it is perfect for hooking onto bubbas trike or bag taking up minimal space. The second thing I loved was the pattern on the material. It is dark blue with really cute little rain clouds on it and I really couldn't wait to get it on Bubs and try it out. Knowing the way that the good old English weather is I didn't think that I would have to wait long for some rain for us to go and play in. I was really wrong! It didn't rain for almost a week and I was itching to get Bubs in his super little mac. When it did finally rain I was like a whirlwind getting Bubbas shoes one, getting his juice cup, a snack and my camera all ready whilst plopping him into his trike. As I was in a rush this was a great time to see how easy it was to get Bubba into and I was not disappointed. The wrists and ankles are really elasticated which meant it was really easy to get a wiggling toddler into and the zip up front meant that in one swift movement, Bubba was all set and ready to go.

We then set off to our local woods for a little walk in the rain. I must have looked like a crazy person but to be honest, I don't think anyone noticed me as everyone we passed commented on how cute Bubba looked in his little Mac (I am being totally honest here!). One lady even stopped me and asked where it was from as she wanted one for her little one as she loved the design and thought it was such a great idea. Whilst I was chatting to the lady I looked down to Bubba suddenly remembering that we were standing in the pouring rain and worrying that he was going to be wet and he was totally dry, comfortable and very happy.

This product honestly exceeded my expectations! In my opinion it is such a high quality design which was easy to get Bubba in and out of and also really easy to clean (someone might have spat crackers all down the front of it!?!). For £17.50 I really don't think you can go wrong and this has now become a staple item in my changing bag as its so handy to have with me.
Overall...rating it on a 1 - 5 scale (5 being excellent 1 being poor) I would give the Muddle Puddles Pac-an-All-in-One the following:

 Fit - 5            

 Quality  - 5

 Durability  - 5

 Comfort -  5

 Price - 5

I honestly don't think that anything can be done to make this product any better and I would defiantly recommend it to any of you Mummies and Daddies out there that love getting your little ones outdoors! Browse Muddle Puddles full range by visiting their website here: www.muddypuddles.com

Note: this product was sent to us for review purposes but all opinions are honest and my own. 

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