The dark side of blogging.

When I started blogging back in April, I started because I wanted to write all about my little boy, share all of my experiences and memories and I wanted to blog for me. As time went on I became aware of how important things like numbers, followers, scores and DA were but I didn't really let it phase me as I was just blogging for me.
Now, almost 5 months down the line this blog has been more successful than I ever imagined but that success has come with some major downsides as I have now become one of those people that I didn't want to be.. I am bothered about numbers, I find myself thinking about DA and how to improve it and start questioning the quality of my blog and writing when I don't have any emails from anyone for a few days. It's stupid and I didn't like what this blog and I were becoming. I decided I will not become one of those bloggers who just post about and review everything and anything just so that they can keep 'in' with PR companies and brands that aren't even remotely linked to their blog genre. I also don't want to become the type of blogger who lacks the personal side and doesn't respond to tweets or Facebook comments as the community is part of the reason I love blogging. I have been on the flip side of this and tweeted or left comments for someone and when they don't get back to you it does make you feel a little crap and stupid for every tweeting/commenting.
The other thing that I have seen recently is how fickle and transparent the blogging world really is. Don't get me wrong, I have found some amazing people through the blogging community that make me roar with laughter and are a fantastic bunch of crazies but there have been some that could not be more different. Maybe it's just me but I have noticed more and more recently the number of 'large' bloggers (not in size (lol) but in following) that I have seen become less personal and caring and more about promoting and making money. If that's what they want to do and they want their blog to become a business then good on them and I wish them ever success but what I don't like is when they come across all ''Oh I am a real person, I'm down to earth, just someone who blogs about life/beauty/parenting etc because I want to share'' when really then couldn't give a crap about their readers and followers. All they care about are numbers, brands, PR's and where their next review product is coming from.
This may sound harsh and I think this may touch a nerve with some. I just wish people would stop being fake and just be who they are on their blogs. I know that this is the nature of the internet and that people can be whoever they want to be blah blah blah but I do not want to become a number watcher. I want to get back to basics with my blog and write about things I love. I am not saying I won't do reviews/sponsored posts BUT I will only do them with products and services that I truly believe in as I would never want to lead on anyone that reads my blog. I also think that if I would to write a review about, for example, self storage when I normally write about parenting and family, that anyone that reads it would be a bit like...ermm wtf?? :)
 I am also making a commitment right here and now to NEVER stop responding to the lovely people who read my blog. I have recently been really bad at this but no more! I write for me but I love nothing more when someone says that can relate to the post or that it has helped them and if they take the time to tell me it's only right that I take the time to thank them.
So thats it...no more will I be falling into the dark side of blogging and I won't be bogged down with scores and numbers. I will blog for me and if people, other bloggers, PR's, brands and anyone else doesn't like it then let me know...I can point you in the direction of some blogs that I am sure you will love ;)


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