What I wish I knew..

Yesterday a memory popped up on my time hope that really made me smile.. A year ago to the day I had written this-

....34 weeks today... That means 6 weeks till D day and a maximum of 8 weeks until we get to hold our little boy! Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was actually only 4 weeks until we would meet the little boy that would turn out lives upside down and inside our. I then thought back to this early newborn days and realised how much life has changed since then and it got me thinking about what I wish I had known back then that I know now.

1. After giving birth I was shocked as I felt like I had literally been hit by a train. I don't know what I expected to feel like by my entire body aches for a good couple of days. I wish I would have known that was going to happen to so I would have been a little less shocked.

2. When you have your newborn in your arms you will feel like the biggest bundle of nerves in the world. Every time they cry you will be nervous if you can't passifiy them instantly, you will panic that they are too hot, too cold, hungry etc. This never totally goes away as bubbas now 11 months old and I still worry about him but as they become older and the two of you spend more time together, it becomes easier for you to read what they want so it's not always has hard as it is in the early days. 

3. You will sleep again! I still remember all of the people that told me "rest now as you won't sleep properly again for 18 years" and granted, there are some nights that are bad but then again, more often than not, we get a good 7 hours sleep most nights. So I wish I would have know in those early days when we were up every 2 hours that we will sleep again but just not for a couple of months :) 

4. Your baby will stop crying at some point. This may sound like a strange one but bubba had silent reflux with a touch of colic and there were times where it felt like he would never stop crying. It made me so upset to hear him so upset and I sometimes couldn't see a light at the end of the tunnel. But their is a light.. Most things like reflux and colic they will grow out of so just ride it out. As hard as it is and as draining as it is, it doesn't last forever and it will get better! 

5. Don't stress! This was a huge one for me as in the early days and even months of bubbas life I felt like I stressed so much. I stressed that he wasn't feeding enough, that he wasn't growing right, that I wasn't stimulating him with enough educational toys and that he wasn't developing at the right speed (all because he didn't smile until 8 weeks!) and I honestly wasted so much time stressing. I just wish I listened when people said he was fine. I only stopped stressing when I learnt to trust my own judgement and I understood that I knew my baby better than anyone so I should trust my instincts.

I say that I wish I knew these things but if I did then I probably wouldn't have had the experience in the last year that I have had and as hard as it's been, I would not change one second of it as it has been the best year of my life!!

Have you got any top tips for those new mummies or mummies to be out there? What did you wish you knew when you had your little one?


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