Baby in a bag!

Bubba has pretty much always slept in a bag. And by bag, I mean a sleeping bag! When he was tiny and in his Moses basket we used cellular blankets as recommended but Bubba just didn't like them and used to kick them off. That when we turned to sleeping bag and we have never looked back!

The first couple of bags Bubba had were from high street stores like M&co and F&F but when he got to 6 months and outgrew his little bag I purchased a Gro Bag and it is brilliant! The Gro Company is a UK based, award winning company that is all about safer sleep solutions. They offer a HUGE range of products from their Gro-Swaddles and Grobags to their ever popular Gro-Egg and Gro-Clock and as they are uniquely endorsed by the lullaby trust, I can't recommend them enough.

Now at this point I feel I need to stress that this blog post has NOTHING to do with the Gro Company. It is not sponsored, endorsed or anything by them but I just genuinely believe in their products and wanted to share one of my Mummy top buys with you.

We do have a Groegg (which is AMAZING) but it is the Grobags that I really wanted to talk about in this post as they have really revolutionised nap time and bed time in our house. The Grobags come inhere.
4 different tog ratings: 3.5 tog for those super chilly nights and temperatures below 16 c, 2.5 tog for general every night wear when the room is between 16c - 20c, 1 tog for warmer nights and day times naps and a 0.5 tog for those very warm nights of 24c plus. They also come in a massive range of colours, patterns and styles. We have one in every tog rating (although we are yet to use the 3.5 tog) and tend to use the 2.5 tog the most. I love them because they give me piece of mind that Bubba is safe. When he was little I love that I knew he couldn't pull the covers over his face or slip under them because of the poppers at the shoulder and the fit and I always felt better knowing that he couldn't kick the covers off and then feel cold. Bubba loves them as well! So much so that if I was to put him down for a nap and he wasn't in a bag then he will not go to sleep! I think he likes the safe feeling that comes with being zipped up and being snug in his sleeping bag and it is honestly very very hard to get him to sleep in his cot when he is not in a bag now. Well, that and Ewan the dream sheep (who you can see makes an appearance in every single photo above!) which is once again another amazing bit of baby kit. Read more about him here or visit their website

I cannot recommend the Gro Company products enough, especially their Grobag sleeping bags. I can't see Bubba sleeping in anything else any time soon and if you have a little wriggler or unsettled baby then take a look at their website as I am sure there will be something to help :)

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