Being a mummy is hard sometimes..

Today was a hard Mummy day. We all get them, no matter how perfect you make out your child to be you would have had a hard mummy day. I'm talking about those types of days where you can't leave the room without someone screaming, forget to eat as your too busy trying to persuade your child into eating anything and can't even go to the loo without someone accompanying you! It has been a really tough day and I honestly could not wait for hubby to get home. Not to see him but so that he could take Bubs and I could get just 5 mins away.

That sounds so awful to say but I think every mother has felt like this at least once. Don't get me wrong, Bubba wasn't being naughty..he was just very very very tried after only having an hours sleep (his choice as he wouldn't go back to sleep) and that made him totally miserable. What I found the hardest was that 1 moment he would be fine and would be playing and happy and then the next he would be clinging onto my leg and trying to climb up me and then when I picked him up for a cuddle he would then start wiggling to get down. He just couldn't decide what he wanted so the only thing I could do was just ride it out and let him get on with it. It got to the stage where he pinched a pot of peppercorns out of the cupboard when I was sorting his dinner and because I wouldn't open the lid for him he ended up laying face down on the floor, crying like the world was ending . We also had nightmares at lunch...you can probably imagine the reaction I got when Bubba's breadstick dunker ran out of cheese!!!! None of this of course made me love him any less or anything like that...it was just draining to have someone pretty much clinging to my leg or screaming for me all day long.

So now, after about 8 hours of whinging, moaning and the occasional full blown, laying on the floor, red faced melt down, Bubba is asleep. He is asleep and I have wine! The worst part of it all is that I expect that I am going to have to do this all again tomorrow as Bubs has his 1 year jabs :( Although, if he is a pickle after that then I think I will find it easier as I will understand why its happening and I have already syked myself up for a rough day. We will just see what tomorrow brings...
Send me all your prayers and wishes as I think we may need them tomorrow!!! :(

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