Life gets in the way sometimes..

I feel like this blog has been a little unloved recently and feel like I have been letting some of my readers down as I haven't been posting as much and haven't been as active on social media as normal.

Since mid August I have had to travel to London for work which isn't a massive journey but it has made my journey to work go from 15 minutes which it what it normally is to 1 hour 30 minutes and it has been draining me! I have been coming home after getting Bubba, getting him to bed, doing dinner for me and Hubby and then collapsing in front of the telly. Even the days that I have not been working, Bubba had a sickness bug and then an ear infection of as much as I have wanted to blog, I have just not had the time, will power or energy too.

Reading that back it sounds like I am just saying 'blah blah blah...poor little me...'' and its not that at all. Just felt like I needed to give a little explanation as to why I have been so MIA recently.

Stuff hasn't all been doom and gloom recently though. We have less than a week until Bubba turns 1!! Bubbas birthday means a family and close friends BBQ in our new spanking garden (which I am actually getting a little excited about), a trip to the zoo on Bubba's birthday and a whole week off work for me and Hubby which means a whole week as a family which is the part I am most excited about! Also, as I have already mentioned, we have a brand new garden :) Now, I cannot take any credit at all for this one as Hubby, his Step Dad, his brother and a couple of close friends have worked so amazingly hard to help Hubby turn our garden from a concrete jungle into a beautiful family garden. I am so proud of what he has achieved and so thankful for all the help we have had to get it finished in time for Bubbas birthday BBQ.
Going forward I am hoping to give this blog a lot more love as I will be back to working locally and working my normal hours and days and hopefully Bubba will settle back down again and get into his routine so I can get back on here and give My Mummy Spam some love :)

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