To my one year old..

To our wonderful son,

Today you turned 1. I can't really believe that it has been a whole year since you came into mine and Daddy's lives and turned everything upside down in such an amazing way. I can't believe that 1 year ago today I was holding you, my tiny 8lb perfect bundle of joy, for the first time, kissing your newborn cheeks, stroking your perfect face, snuggling you and taking in every single part of you. You were and are perfect.
Ever since that day, my life has been filled with a new type of happiness and wonder. You constantly amaze me with what you do. From your first smile to your first words, rolling over for the first time to walking around and watching you go from being our little baby into a funny, affectionate, clever little boy.

There have been some challenging times. We have had many sleepless nights caused by you being poorly, teething or just being a pickle but its okay. I have actually been shocked at how little sleep me and daddy can run on. Throughout all of those sleepless nights and hard days where you have been poorly and not wanting to be put down so we have just cuddled, there is just one thing that has mattered. You. I didn't care when you were poorly that you were throwing up all over me as long as you knew I was there and that it was all going to be okay. The nights where you had teeth cutting through so wanted to be close to me and Daddy, I didn't mind not sleeping as I had your foot in my face or as I was watching you just in case anything happened. The lack of sleep meant nothing as long as you were okay and you were happy.

And you are fine. In fact, you are more than fine. You are such a healthy, strong, happy little boy who is always amazing us with his latest trick. Most recently you have started walking on your own and you have also started clapping and it is just brilliant seeing how happy you are when me and Daddy praise you for walking and clapping :) You bring a new sense of joy into our lives every day and I know that every day spent with you will be filled with happiness and laughter.

We have made so many memories with you and it is strange as you won't remember them but me and Daddy will. Your first time swimming. Your first trip to the Zoo. Your first time going to the seafront. When you met very some very special family members who are now sitting on their stars watching over you from the sky rather than being down with us. All of these are memories that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

This year has gone so fast. In a way, it makes me feel so sad that you are now one as I feel that I am loosing my little baby. I wish I could slow down time a little bit as I know that we will blink and you will suddenly be turning 2 and I will be wondering where the last year went again. I am going to make sure that this next year, I make sure that I soak up every single second that we have together and that I cherish every moment as if I have learnt anything this year it is that time goes by so quickly and once its gone, its gone.

In saying this, I am so so proud of the little boy that you are becoming. You are such a good little boy who always listens when he is told no (even though you try to reason with me in your own little language first!) and you are starting to develop such a funny little personality. You love nothing more than being funny and making people laugh and you are so so so affectionate. You love giving the people you love kisses and me and Daddy love receiving them, even if they are extremely dribbly :)

So, our wonderful son, Happy First Birthday! We love you so so so much and cannot wait to see what the next year brings.

We love you always and forever

Mummy & Daddy

PS - sorry for the photos...but they are my favorite memories of my favorite year :)

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