10 things that show you have a 1 year old..

1. You have snacks in every single bag/coat you own- I find snacks everywhere. My car, my handbag, my coat, even found a box of raisins in my dressing gown pocket the other day... The worst part is that I'm not even sure how they got there.

2. Buckaroo has nothing on you- ever tried to carry a huge changing bag on one shoulder, your handbag other the other, a mus cloth over one shoulder for the constant snot that streams from your toddler, your car keys in one hand as you try to lock the front door and hold a wiggling child in a slippery coat with your other hand all whilst wearing a pencil skirt and heels as you head out to work? It's not fun...

3. Leaving the house with some kind of bodily fluid or food on you has become acceptable- remember the time when you would never have dreamed of being caught dead with biscuit on your jumper or snot on your jeans.. Nope.. Me neither!

4. Loud noises make you angry- doorbells, alarms, floor boards creaking and especially even your husbands snoring.. If it wakes the sleeping child then you better run... FAST!

5. Soft play becomes a treat for you too- good old soft play.. The land of occupied children and hot coffee you actually get to drink! Bliss!

6. You can't remember the last time you ever brought something for yourself- whilst your child runs around in the latest super cute leggings and tee combo from Baby Zara, you are still lounging around in maternity leggings from H&M with a breast feeding vest under your 3 year old pre pregnancy jumper.

7. You plan your life around sleep and food- wouldn't it be amazing if that was your sleep and your food??

8. Going to the loo with a little person who follows you there has become the norm - cos everyone needs a hype buddy when having a pee right?

9. Your bath and bathroom has become overrun by plastic boats, squeezey toys, stick on waterfall things and bottles and bottles of kids shampoo, bath bubbles and body wash - a relaxing bubble bath just isn't the same as before when your having to remove a duck from under your butt every 5 minutes! Where did all the bloody ducks come from anyway???

10. Your house is a mess, you look a mess and your sometimes your life may feel like a mess but you have a little snot filled, dribbly, demanding, funny, wonderful, inquisitive, clever little 1 year old who brightens you ever waking moment and for whom all the above is trivial rubbish as you would give up everything just to see them smile.

Being a Mum to a 1 year old is hard..but bloody amazing :)

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