Autumn is becoming my favourite!!

Normally I am a winter girl. I love this cold season because to me it means scarfs, gloves, snuggles under blankets, hot chocolate, Christmas, lazy film days, (sometimes) snow and so much more! But...this year I have noticed how much I am loving Autumn!
Me and Bubs go out on a lot of walks as he hates being cooped up indoors all day and I think it's always good to get out and get some fresh air. It's been during these walks that I have really noticed why I am loving Autumn!

The beautiful colours.
The leaves this year have been stunning..well they have probably been as stunning every year but it has only been this year that I have started to notice them. Where we live has quite a lot of trees surround it and I have seen beautiful red, purple, yellow and orange leaves all over the place. I feel a little bit like I have been walking around with my eyes closed and then suddenly this autumn they have opened and it's so so pretty!

Trips out.
This kind of links in with the above about colours but in addition to that I have been loving the weather recently. It has meant that we have been able to go out for walks, trips to the park and to the
zoo all without having to be super wrapped up. I think that we have made some really lovely memories this autumn from just doing the simple things like a trip to the woods :)

Indoor activities.
On the flip side, Autumn has brought along a whole host of new indoor activity ideas which have been great. So far we have done
tent picnics, pumpkin carving, glitter and sticking and pizza making. As bubba is getting older I have really noticed how he is able to do more and more and be entertained by different things.

Snuggle days.
These type of days are my fav and are quite few and far between to be honest. Bubba is starting to sit for long to watch a film but he still get bored after a little whilst and jumps off your lap and into his next adventure.

What is your favourite season? Any tips for making the most out of what we have left of autumn? Let me know below :)

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