Cussons Mum & Me Little Explorers

If you have been reading my blog for a while or know me personally then you will know that I love all things bath time. I used to love nothing more than a long soak in a bath filled with all sorts of lotions and smellies, but since having bubba I have found a new guilty pleasure...smellies and bath stuff for him!! I've been lucky enough to review quite a few different baby bath ranges and when we were asked to try the Little Explorers range from Cussons Mum & Me I jumped at the chance.

Cussons have been taking care of all kinds of skin and hair for over 100 years now so I think it would be safe to say that they are pretty good at what they do. Cussons Mum and Me was made to be simple, practical and easy to use and was created with the help of over 1200 REAL mums. In the words of Cussons the range is ''Designed by Mums, Developed by Experts''. This made me really excited about the Little Explorers products as I think there is nothing better than when a brand takes advice and listens to the people who are using their products.

I used the Cussons Mum and Me Bump range when I was pregnant and I loved it as it included a gorgeous lavender pillow spray which I swore by and some other lovely products for a mummy to be. As I enjoyed this range so much I had super high expectations for the Little Explorers products and they didn't disappoint!

We were sent the following:

  • Little Explorers Super Soft Squidgy Soap
  • Little Explorers Happy Splashy Hair & Body Wash
  • Little Explorers Mega Mild Bubbly Bath
  • Little Explorers Funky Fizz Bath Crackles

The first thing I loved about all of these products was the scent. They have an almost grape like scent which is lovely and not too overwhelming. In my opinion it give a really nice ''clean'' smell after being used, if you get what I mean. The second thing I really liked about these products is that they are all hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved. Bubs doesn't really suffer with sensitive skin now as he seems to have grown out of it but I am still very aware of what I put in his bath and what is in the products we use. 

Out of all of the products 2 of them really stood out to me as something which I hadn't really used before and seem to be unique to the brand. First is the Funky Fizz Bath Crackles. These are amazing! They are almost like bath salts that you would put into an adults bath but they are so much more fun!! You sprinkle these into the water and they crackle and pop like rice crispies whilst ''magically'' changing the colour of the water. They are so much fun and bubba loved trying to catch the crackles as they popped and he was giggling away :) The second was the Super Soft Squidgy Soap. This was such an unusual product as it come out almost like a mousse but it lathers up so well and a little goes a very long way which is a huge bonus in my books!

Overall, we loved these products and would definitely recommend them! They are super fun in their design and features whist still being wonderfully gentle to bubbas skin. This range is available at a number of different retailers. Click here to go to the Cussons site to find out where you can get your very own Little Explorers products.  You can also follow Cussons Mum and Me range on Twitter for all the latest product news https://twitter.com/MumandMe_UK

Have you used the Cusson's range before? Whats your favorite products? Let me know in the comments :)

Note: these products were sent to use free of charge to try. However, all views and opinions in this post are honest and my own. 

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