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Que Fan Fare...... maybe a bit OTT?? ;)

Welcome to Foodie Friday! This is another brand new feature that I am going to be running on my blog every Friday where I go through our meal plan for the week and any other foodie related stuff :)

I bet when some of you read the word meal plan you recoiled in horror...am I right? The thought of planning your meals for the week, having no flexibility and having to do a weekly shop to get all the bits you need make you feel sick? Well, I used to be you. Until I had bubba I never used to meal plan. I was the type of person that would pop into Tescos on the way home and get dinner or raid the freezer if I couldn't be bothered. I dread to think how much we used to spend on food back then and I also dread to think about how much we used to waste! Now, things are very very different!

When I had Bubba, me and hubby decided that we needed to tighten our purse strings a little and our food bill was one of the areas where we knew we would be able to make a saving. I used to shop at Sainsburys or Tescos and buy all of the branded stuff like Ribena and Hovis where as now, I shop in Lidi or Aldi and try to avoid branded stuff as much as possible (making a few exceptions for special treats of course!). I do a meal plan every week before I do the food shop and ALWAYS take a list
with me so I avoid buying stuff I don't need or forgetting to buy stuff that I do. I can honestly say that this works so well for us and we spend (on average) around £50 per week on food, cleaning stuff, loo roll etc. I don't think that £50 per week is bad for a family of 3 and I really do believe that meal planning is the key to this!

With our meal plan, me and hubby are trying something new at the moment where we have a meatless Monday and a fish Friday. This is because we felt we were eating too much meat and not enough fish so it just helps us to change it up a little bit. I should also mention that because me and hubby work it means that we don't really get to sit and eat with Bubba during the week..he eats at 5pm and we tend to eat at 7.30pm. Due to this, I try to do meals on a Tuesday, Wednesday and the weekend that Bubba can either have reheated the next day (if its during the week) or with us if its the weekend.

So this weeks meal plan looks like this: (note: it runs from a Thursday as that is when I tend to do my food shop.)

Thursday: Spaghetti Bolognese
Your bog standard beef mince spag bol with shop brought sauce and maybe a cheeky garlic baguette..probably not the healthiest thing in the world but we love it and its so easy and quick to do.

picture from Aldi's website
Friday: Haddock Gratin
This is something which we have never tried before but looks scrummy! I found the recipe on the Aldi website and its basically haddock served with a cheesy/mustardy sauce with roasted veg such as peppers, onion and courgette. I'm going to do some smashed potatoes with it too as I don't think that the fish and veg would fill us up (as we are piggies!)

Saturday: Homemade Pizzas
Hubby makes the best pizza dough in the world and we love nothing more than playing around with different toppings. Hubby even made himself a calzone last time which he loved. I think that this week I am going to try a feta and spinach topping on my pizza and see what that's like :) Pizza is also Bubba's fav meal so Pizza night is always a good night in our house!

Sunday: Hubbys Homemade Leek and Chicken Pie
Not only is Hubby good at making pizza dough, he also makes amazing pies!! Chicken and leek is one of his specialties and a firm favorite in our household. This makes the perfect Sunday meal as it something that we all like and I love that we can all sit down together to eat.

Monday: Broccoli Pasta
This is a recipe that I found online when I was looking for inspiration for our meatless Monday and this is meant to be super quick to do whilst still being nice and filling. It has a hint of chilli and garlic which is a winning combination for us, with Feta cheese crumbled on top which, even at the thought, makes my mouth water!!

Tuesday: Slow cooked beef stew with dumplings
I love my slow cooker, especially now that winters coming, and I love that I can just chuck everything in and its all done when I get home for work. Hubby isn't a great fan of stews as he thinks that everything always tastes the same but if I do dumplings I tend to be able to tempt him round to eating it. On the other hand, me and bubs LOVE beef stew and I always hate the fact that we don't have it more often.

Wednesday: Italian Chicken and Saute Potatoes
This is one of those packet things with the paper in it..you wrap the spiced paper around the chicken and then cook in a frying pan. We've only used them once before so thought we would give it a go again seeing as I had one in the cupboard. I'm going to do this with peas and home made saute potatoes...YUM!

So that is our week all planned out!! For all the food needed for the dinners, plus lunch stuff and fruit for snacking our food bill this week came to £43.78 which I was pretty happy with!

Have you got any top tips when it comes to meal planning or any recipes you can suggest for us to try? Let me know in the comments :)

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