Foodie Friday

Lets just gloss over the fact that I missed Foodie Friday last week (I know...worst blogger ever..)and jump straight into what we are eating this week shall we???? :)

Before I get into this week I just want to touch back on the last Foodie Friday post I did and on a specific dish.. The fish friday!! We had a Haddock au Gratin which was an Aldi recipie and if I am being honest with you, I wasn't looking forward to it. The recipe called for mustard to be put into a cheese sauce and I didn't think that would work but it was soooo scrummy! I've been really impressed with Aldi's recipe page recently so I would strongly suggest if you are looking for some recipe ideas then you check it out.

So...lets get into this week then: (it does start on a Wednesday as my work days were different this week so I had to do the food shop on a different day)

Wednesday: Sausage and Mash:
A firm favorite in our house and I'm not ashamed to say that we do serve it so you have a mash castle, sausage turrets and a baked bean mote around the castle :) We may be mid twenties but we are just big kids deep down!

Thursday: Chicken and Leek Risotto:
I love a risotto and its only been since Bubba was born that I started to cook it. People seem to think that they are really complex things but as long as you don't rush it then it should always come out fine.

Friday : OUT!
Yes you read that word right ladies and gentlemen...me and Hubby are out! We have a family wedding to attend but as we are both working we will need to rush when we get home to get out and get there on time so I think it may be a sneeky MaccyD's in the car!

Saturday: Lasagna
Normally on a Saturday I like to do a ''fakeaway'' dinner so me and hubby can watch Strictly and Doctor who whilst munching on some naughty kind of dinner but Hubby actually requested that this weekend we had lasagna so that is what we have. We aren't making all our own pasta and sauce and all that jazz as its wayyyy to much for our cooking skill!

Sunday: Roast Beef
Ooooooo..... I am so looking forward to this dinner. Hubby makes THE BEST roast potatoes in the world and when they are cooked in beef fat that are on a whole new level!!! When we have our roasts we have roast pots, veg (usually peas, broccoli and carrots), stuffing and home made Yorkshire puds (which are super yum and bubs LOVES them). Can you tell him excited about this dinner??

Monday: 3 Bean Chilli with Rice
So this is a meatless monday recipie that hubby has been banging on about for ages. I am actually making the whole thing so no jars or anything. I'm not sure how it will be and how I will get on but I will report back next week!

Tuesday: Corn Beef, Egg and Chips (well waffles)
Pure comfort food! It super unhealthy but super yummy and cheap as chips. We don't have this very often at all and we tend to see it as a treat so I am looking forward to this dinner!

I did this weeks food shop at ASDA as I need to get home delivery due to time and I was actually plesently suprise. I order all the food for the week plus lunch stuff, snacky bits for O, washing powder and a couple of cosmetic bits for me and the shop came to £51.65 which I thought was pretty good!

So thats this weeks foodie friday! Have you got any great recipies you want to share as I am always on the look out for something new to try :)

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