A new journey to a new me...

This is such a hard post for me to write that I don't even really know how to start it...it may even seemed a bit rambley and jumbled but just stick with me, it should all make sense by the end.

I have never been a skinny girl. I've always been quite curvy and had boobs and a bum and I was always happy with that. I embraced my curves and was always quite confident with my body and myself. I used to dance a lot and was at a fitness level I was happy with. Since having Bubba, that has all changed and as much as I try to deny it and say ''I am happy with my body...I might have got a bit bigger but I got my son because of it..I will diet/exercise soon...blah blah blah'' it's all rubbish!!! 

I am not happy with my body. It's not my weight because to me weight is just a number, but it's my appearance. I hate that I look fat and that I have rolls of fat on my belly and middle. I hate that I have these huge thunder thighs that have got massive as I over eat and don't exercise. I hate that I don't feel confident with my body anymore and that I feel embarrassed when hubby tried to touch me or sees me naked. I hate that I start to get a little out of breath when I am chasing bubba round the house. I hate that I am now a size 18-20 all over when I was used to being a 14 to 16 at a push. I have grown to hate my body and myself for letting my body get to this point. There... I have said it. 

This is going to change! I want to feel confident and sexy again. I want to love my body and myself like I used to and get fit and healthy like I was before. The way I am going to do this....an amazing lady called Julia Buckley! Julia is a personal trainer/ best selling author of The Fat Burn Revolution/ amazing fitness guru who has created a new programme that myself and a few other bloggers are going to be following for 4 weeks. The thing I love about Julia and her programme is that she doesn't focus on weight. She believes that weight is just a number and the way to get your body and fitness to the place you want it to be is to set 3 achievable daily goals which will get you to you destination goal. These 3 daily goals, joined with healthy eating and exercise should result you achieving the destination goal that you set. 

My goal is to be able to comfortably wear my pre-pregnancy jeans (size 16). 

Now, I need to be realistic about this goal as the programme is 4 weeks long but I know I can do this! If I can fit into these then it would mean that I would have lost quite a bit of fat from my belly, bum and thighs which should also mean that I have increased my fitness level in the process. 

To achieve this goal, I am making the following 3 daily commitments/goals:
1. To drink at least 2 liters of water per day. 
    I do not drink enough water at the moment, On a normal day I will probably have 1 glass of water,     2 coffees and then maybe a squash of the evening but thats it. To help with this, me and Hubs have     brought water bottles with infusers in them so if we get bored of normal water we can chuck some     lemons or something in to give it a little bit extra. 

2. To do Julia's online 30 min exercises at least 5 days of the week. 
    This is a no brainer to me really. I don't exercise. I so a bit of walking and a bit of running around     the park after bubs but I don't exercise properly and I actually really excited about my first video         that we start tomorrow :)

3. Meal plan for lunch and dinner.
    I currently do a meal plan for dinners but not for lunches and I think this is a huge downfall of             mine. Currently, if I am at work I will go and buy lunch and end up with a sandwich, crisps,                 chocolate bar or something like that. It doesn't keep me filled for long and I end up snacking on           biscuits or other things in the afternoon. I've done our meal plan for this week and am going to be       making home made soup that I will be taking in to work which should be a better option than               processed sandwiches and choccie bars!

So, that is my 3 commitments to getting me to my goal. Julia has also asked us to pick an accountability buddy who will be our support during this programme and I have chosen hubby. He wants to loose a bit of fat too so has welcomed the changes to our meals and even wants to try a bit of the exercise with me so it will be great to have someone by my side who knows how much this means to me and will support me all the way through. 

Now for the hard bit...This is the bit I have been dreading...my measurements and photo. I am so embarrassed to be putting this out there but I am hoping that buy doing so it will give me the push I need to follow Julia's programme and find a better, happier me. I will be updating my blog at the end of each week with my measurement progress and then will do another picture in 4 weeks time at the end of the programme to see the results. 

Belly (measured at navel level): 47.5 inches
Upper arms:                              17 inches
Thighs:                                      30 inches
Hips:                                         47 inches

And here is the dreaded photos: (please be kind!!!)

So that's it...my commitments are made, Julia has all my info and will be following up and supporting me and the programme starts tomorrow! I am excited about this and I know that with Julia's help, I am well on my way to finding the new, happier, healthier me! 

Please go and visit Julia and see the amazing work she does at 
Click here for Julia's Facebook (which includes some fab workout tip videos!)
Click here for Julia's Twitter
And here for Julia's Instagram. 

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