Christmas Gift Guide for all the Family

In the world of the famous advert..

''holidays are coming...holidays are coming..''

I feel like I have blinked and suddenly Christmas is right in front of us again. I love Christmas and one of my favorite parts of the season is buying gifts for my loved ones so I thought I would do my first ever gift guide to hopefully help anyone out there that needs a little inspiration :) I've thought about me, Hubby and Bubs (mainly because I don't want any of the other family members coming on here and reading what I could have possibly brought them) but you could quite easily switch and change these around to be suitable for nans, grandads, uncles, aunties, brothers and sisters.

Before we begin, I just wanted to make a couple of things clear:
1. To my friends and family...This guide may or may not include gifts that may be coming your way. If you don't want to maybe get an idea of what you are getting for Christmas then navigate away now!!!
2. Some of these items have been sent to me for review to be included in this guide and some are items that we have brought BUT every single thing in this guide has been included because I would genuinely bu want to receive it or would buy it for a family member for Christmas.

Todders (1-3yrs)

So as you probably know by know, Bubba is going to be 15 months by Christmas so I have made these suggestions with him in mind. All of these gifts are either things that we or someone else have got/are getting him for Christmas or something that I would buy for a child of his age based on the kind of things he likes at the moment.

Photo from the Fisher-Price website.

Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Stand'n'play Ramp way play set

Bubbs loves cars and when ever we go to play groups he always heads to the garages and plays for a good 15/20 mins with the cars. This is his main present from me and Hubby and I think he is going to love it! Price wise, I think it is really good and the fact that it comes with 2 cars included is even better.

Duplo Bricks & Blocks

My family are buying bubs Duplo for Christmas this year and I think to start he will love it as he can build them up and then knock them down but its the type of gift that will last and last. I don't think you are ever too old for Duplo (until you start on Lego of course) and it is the type of gift that just keeps on giving :)

Picture from the Usborne Book website


Bubba LOVES books! He isn't gentle enough to be trusted with paper books yet but give him some cardboard books and he is entertained for at least 10 minutes (which in the world of a toddler is ages!!). He especially loves the ''Thats not my'' range and also any kind of lift the flap book. In my opinion, these are thoughtful, inexpensive gifts that most toddlers really enjoy. See the full ''Thats not my'' range from Usborne books here.

Bath toys

One thing that I have learnt in the last year is that you can never have enough bath toys. They always go a bit mankey and scummy within a few months and as they are so damned difficult to clean, it is just easier to replace them. Currently bubs has some bath crayons and loves nothing more than drawing on the bath each night! He also loves a good old rubber duck and a boat. These can be picked up in most toy shops and even supermarkets and make a really great stocking filler or inexpensive gift.

Gifts for Mums

This section includes gifts that I think would be perfect for Mummies like me and may even include a cheeky hint to hubby...:) Obviously my taste may not be the same as your and you might not think these are suitable but I would love to receive any of these.

LouLouBelle Skin Care 

Photo from Make the Most of 
I was sent a wonderful travel set from LouLouBelle and OMGeee there stuff is beautiful! LouLouBelle is the brain child of a lady called Magda Thompson who is a beauty specialist with a love of aromatherapy and essential oils. She believed that skincare should be as natural as possible so created a range which uses fruit oils, essential oils and natural ingredients to take the best care of your skin. I have been using their toner, cleanser and moisturiser for just over 2 weeks now and it has made my skin so soft and I also LOVE the smell of the products. You can really smell the essential oils and I would really recommend them as a treat for all the mummies out there who need a little TLC. You can find the full range of LouLouBelle products at the ''make the most of'' website here.

Word Art Print

Photo from the Make the Most of site
I think these kind of prints are so thoughtful and pretty. We received one from a family friend when Bubba was born and it takes pride of place on his chest of draws as I love it so much. Poppy & Millie created a print for me and it is perfect! Karen & Dee are the designers and friends who set up Poppy & Millie to create bespoke, meaningful yet affordable gifts. That is exactly what their prints are. The print they sent me totally exceeded my expectation and I am sure that anyone (especially mummies and nannies we love this type of thing) would be so pleased to receive one of these as a gift. You can view what Poppy & Millie can do here through the ''Make the most of'' site. 

Photo from Not on the High Street

Gifts for Dads

Tie Rack & Belt Hanger. 

If you partner/hubby is anything like my Hubby then he has ties everywhere. I honestly don't know where my Hubby gets all these ties from! This tie rack from Not On The High Street is the perfect gift for Daddys and the words on it, to me, are so cute as Hubby comes home from work, takes off his tie and is straight into playing with bubs. This can also be personalised with your little ones names for that little added touch. 

Track Day Experience

This doesn't have to be a car experience, it could be flying, golf lessons anything like that but I think that a gift that your hubby/partner can enjoy from your little ones is lovely. Something for them that normally they wouldn't buy for themselves. To me, that is really special and I am sure that all of the Daddys out there would appreciate a little ''Daddy'' time. You can find these types of experiences on lot's of different websites and even Argos! 

So, that is my first ever gift guide completed. It seems quite short but I'm really surprised at how much thought and time goes into one of these bad boys!! I hope this will help any of you out there that need some inspiration and your Christmas shopping is going well..unless your one of those jammy buggers who have done all their shopping already..then I don't like you :)

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