There is evil in this world. There has always been evil in this world but at times, like now after horrific recent events, that evil becomes more obvious and prominent.

I feel so guilty for bringing my son into a world with such evil and I hate that I cannot do more to protect him.

In recent days I have found myself thinking about the disgraceful people behind these recent attacks and wondering how people can get to that point. How they can get so obsessed with a view and opinion that they would be willing to commit mass murder and acts of terror to push that opinion onto others.

I look at my son, so peaceful and content as he sleeps and find myself thinking of their mothers. I find myself thinking that she must have cuddled you, played games with you, taught you to blow kisses, clapped & praised you when you took your first steps, laughed and smiled at your toddler chatter. Surely, no human being, at that innocent age can be evil.

So where did it happen? Why did you feel it necessary to inflict terror onto the world? When did you decide that it was okay to murder innocent people?

I wonder if their mothers know about the horror they are inflicting onto the world and the pain they are causing so many other mothers. Do they ever stop to think about their mothers? The women that carried them for 9 months, painfully bore them into the world, fed them, washed them, clothed them, nurtured them and comforted them when they cried. Do they then ever think about the children who no longer have their mother's to wipe away their tears as they were killed in some mindless act? Have they ever spared a thought for the mothers who now cry until it hurts and wish with all their might to have their child back to be able to comfort them? The answer to these are all probably no as if they had stopped to think then perhaps this all wouldn't be happening.

After thinking about all of this for the past week I have managed to convince myself that there must be some hope. I may not understand much about other languages, religions or cultures but there is one thing that is universally understood among all mothers out there...


A love that only a mother can feel for their child and I hope and pray that the mothers of these monsters are trying their hardest to find their smiling toddler that was filled with innocence and happiness among all of anger and hate that has filled their now fully grown child.

Politically, we may not be the same.
Religiously, we may not be the same.
Culturally, we may not be the same.
But we all come from the same thing; A mother's love and I am clinging on to the fact that all of the good in this world along with all of the love that floats around it too will protect my little boy and his generation.

These individual may have brought terror on the world of late but we have something that we can never take from us.
Love and hope.

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