It's been a hard week..

As you may (or may not) have noticed I have been a bit quite this week. I haven't posted anything on here (even though I have sooooo many that I need to get typed up and done!), I've been relatively quite on social media this week and have just generally been a bit absent. This is because it has been a hard mummy week!!
Cutting a very long story short...Bubs was poorly. After a scary temperature reading of 40.1c and a trip to the out of hours doctors on Saturday we found out that the poor little mite had an ear infection in both ears. It then came to light a couple of days after and a hospital trip later that he had also caught a virus at the same time as struggling with the ear infections. This meant that from Saturday until about Tuesday bubba was either crying, cuddling, laying on me or sitting on my lap. Don't get me wrong, it was lovely to get so many cuddles and snuggles from my little bug but it was so horrible seeing how much his ears were hurting him and it was so worrying that his temperature just wouldn't go down. I honestly was so worried about him as he wasn't eating properly, wasn't sleeping great but then one of the nights he was so sleepy that we could barely wake him up. We had a paramedic out to him and she took some blood from his toe and he didn't even flinch. It was so scary and as hubby had some meetings at work that he couldn't get out of I had to face a lot of it on my own which made it that little bit harder. Thankfully, come Wednesday he was back to his cheeky, happy self and his temperature finally went back to normal.
But....then what happens?? I get struck down with tonsillitis. I do get this quite a bit as when ever I get a cold or anything it always seems to go straight to my tonsils but this was the worst I have been in such a long time. My whole body ached, I was either dripping in sweat or freezing cold and shivering, I couldn't swallow so therefore couldn't eat anything and it even hurt to drink water. It was honestly, horrible. I tried to battle through it on Thursday but in the end had to get my lovely Mum to look after Bubs for me as I was really struggling. I felt so bad that it had been a few really tough days for him and then once he was better I couldn't play with him, sing to him and just be Mummy as I was poorly myself. I was prescribed antibiotics by the doctors (2 tablets 4 times a day for 10 DAYS!??) and come Sunday morning I finally started to feel human again and today has been the first day that I have felt I can do what I normally do.
So I'm sorry that My Mummy Spam has been a bit neglected and I am also sorry to all the people that I need to get posts sorted for but this week has just been horrid. I am now back and all systems are go :)

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