My Ignite Journey with Julia Buckley Week 1

Well this week has been very different for me. A fantastic type of different mind you! I thought I was really going to struggle with this new way of eating and exercising but I have actually really enjoyed myself and have managed to get into the mind set that this isn't a ''diet'' it's my new way of life which I think has really helped. I thought that Julia's Ignite 30 exercise programmes were going to be really hard and that I wouldn't really want to do them after a day at work but they are honestly brilliant! The 30 minutes goes so quickly and she is so motivational when doing the exercises with you that it really keeps me going!
The week started off really really well! I was taking all of my pre planned lunches to work, drinking all my water, doing all of the ignite exercise sessions with Julia each night and then on Friday it all went a little wrong. I had an awful day at work which resulted in one of my colleagues buying donuts for us all as a team pick me up! I had all the good intentions of working super super hard on Friday night with the Ignite workout and then Bubba was poorly! He was clingy, unsettled and really difficult. We thought it was teething as he was cutting his top molars so kept him topped up on calpol and thought nothing more of it. After a horrendous Friday night, he spent all of Saturday just laying with hubby all limp and lifeless. It was so horrible to see him so unlike himself. We were keeping tabs on his temperature and it was when it hit 40.1 c quite suddenly that I panicked and called 111. A few hours and a hospital trip later it turned out that the poor little pickle has an ear infection in both ears (happens quite a bit to him when he is teething) and was given antibiotics to hopefully sort him out. Saturday night me and Hubs were so drained that we didn't cook the healthy veg chilli that we had planned on our meal planner...we had a pizza!!!! A home cooked one mind you (look at me trying to make excuses to myself feel better) and to be honest, I didn't really enjoy it but because of that blip it made me really nervous about taking my measurements..
 So Sunday morning rolls round and I reach for the dreaded tape measure...if you missed the first part of my journey and my original measurements then check them out here.
So this is where I now am a week down the line:

Belly:            45 Inches (2.5 inch loss!!)
Upper arms:  16 inches (1 inch loss)
Thighs:          27 inches (3 inch loss!!) It's all those lunges Julia makes me do! :)
Hips:             46 inches (1 inch loss)
Fitness:        I have noticed a huge change in my actual fitness as I am able to workout of longer                              without getting out of breath or just feeling like I need to give up. I have also noticed                            how much more engergised I feel in myself. This is something that I am loving about                          this programme.

I am over the moon with this figures and to be honest I was a little shocked but I have tripple checked and they are correct :) Seeing this type of progress has just made me so pumped for the next week coming up and I am hoping to be able to report the same type of progress next week but we will see :)

If you want to see what Julia can offer you then check out her website here:

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