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Recently I was contacted by Panasonic with some info about their new, pretty darn snazzy 4K TV's which hubby spotted and promptly dribbled over (you can check out for yourself here). To be honest I have never really been fussed about TV's and the technology behind them but reading about Panasonics 4K Ultra HD TV actually made me understand Hubby's fascination with top of the range TV's a little bit! The picture quality on the 4K TV is stunning thanks to the 8 millions pixels on screen rather than the 2 million you get from a normal HD TV and the way that some of the range connects with your other tech equipment such as cameras and tablets is fantastic!

The more I read about Panasonics range of TV's, the more it got me thinking about how pinnacle our TV is in our house. Don't get me wrong, we love walks to our local woods, trips to the park, story time with bubs and a bit of arts and crafts so don't spend all out time in front of the telly but sometimes when it's rainy and dull outside, there is nothing better than snuggling up as a family on the sofa and watching a bit of our favourite TV. Then...I thought ''why not share my top 5 rainy day TV on my blog now those wintry days are setting in''..so here it is!!

1. Despicable Me
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What is it with kids and the minions from this film?? Bubs doesn't have a very good attention span for films but with this film he will sit and watch at least 30 minutes of it! He loves the minions and gets excited when they pop up on the screen. To be fair, it's not a bad film ( you can have a look at the plot and cast here) and it's the perfect family film to pop on whilst your cooking the roast on a Sunday afternoon.

2. Mickey Mouse Club House
This is one of Bubs favourite TV programmes as he loves Mickey Mouse and loves the music in this so much! He has liked Mickey for ages and has a couple of Mickey soft toy which he snuggles and it totally melts my heart!

3. Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Once again another Disney Junior favourite! This is quite a new show that bubs has got into and it's actually quite good. I'm pretty sure that there has even been times that Bubs has been napping or in bed and me and hubs have ended up watching it. Bubs tends to only watch the music in this and he dances along which is the cutest thing I have honestly ever seen!! If you have little ones then this is a great, educational, easy to watch programme for them (if you haven't got Sky you can get DVD's of it here). 

4. Pitch Perfect.
This is mine and hubbys ''go to'' film. It's a funny, entertaining, easy going film with some fantastic tunes mixed in. I love it and Hubby is not even ashamed to say that it is his guilty pleasure film. This is the kind of thing me and hubby snuggle up to watch on a Saturday night once bubs is in bed and then end up quoting it to each other the whole of the next day!!

"Once Upon aTime promo image" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Once_Upon_aTime_promo_image.jpg#/media/File:Once_Upon_aTime_promo_image.jpg
5. Once Upon a Time
Me and Hubs starting watching this when it was on Channel 5 a good few years ago. When they decided to stop showing it I was gutted. Fast forward to a couple of months ago and I found out that Netflix where going to be showing the new series and with that we promptly signed up to them. If you haven't watched this before, it's a fantasy, action, comedy US show which is all about Fairy Tale characters that get transported to the present day and have a whole host of baddies and nasty things to over come. It's addictive viewing and it's perfect TV for me and hubs when bubba is having his naps.

I would love to know what your go to rainy day films/TV shows are! Let me know in the comments below :)

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