Thinking about the future with Barchester

No one likes to think about growing old do they? I especially don't like to think about my parents becoming elderly but I know that there will come a time where my parents will rely on me more than I rely on them and that scares me. This time is a long way away (hopefully) but recent events have made me think about how I would feel and what support I would want when that time comes.

Recently a neighbour of ours, who is very elderly, got to the stage where she unfortunately couldn't look after herself any more and her lovely daughter had to make the heartbreaking decision to move her mother from her home of 20+ years into a care home where she could get the support and care she needs. I spoke with our neighbours daughter and she explained to me how guilty she had felt, how difficult she had found it all and how much there was to understand about care homes.

It was ironic that a couple of weeks after this has happened, I found out about Barchester. Barchester is a care home provider that is going that little bit further to assist the elderly and their loved ones
Image from Barchester's website
during this huge decision making time. They have released an Ebook (click here) that talks all about how to pay for a care home, what financial assistance could be available and who to contact for financial advise. I work in finance so knew a bit of what was in the Ebook but it was a real eye opener to read all about all the different financial support that is available and to understand more about lasting power of attorneys. They also have a wonderful feature on their site to assist people in choosing a care home which allows you to filter results by key services to help find the right care home. You can have a look at this site here

I wish that I had know about Barchester sooner as I really do think it could have helped my neighbour and her daughter during a very difficult time. I will be keeping their website links as you never know when you could need something like this and I think that any help I could get at a time like that would be very useful. From reading the Ebook and having a look at their website it has put my mind at rest slightly to see that it's not all scary because when you have people like Barchester around, you will never have to do it on your own.  

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