A warming winter lunch...

If you are anything like me then you eat to the season. What I mean by that is that in summer I love nothing more than salads, cold meats and good old BBQ's and then in winter I would happily live on casseroles, roasts and ''gravy dinners'' as I call them. This also includes lots and lots of soup! I love nothing more than soup for lunch in the winter as it's comforting, warming, filling and keeps me going until dinner time.

Recently I was asked if we would like to be involved in a blogger challenge with Crosse & Blackwell and I jumped at the chance! The brief was that we would be sent some soup to try and that we needed to make our favourite side to go with it. I love nothing more than a good old tomatoe soup with cheese on toast so that is what I decided to do! I am literally almost dribbling at the thought of this (why did I think it would be a good idea to write this post before lunch?!?) and would honestly eat this for lunch eat day if I could!

Crosse & Blackwell sent us quite a few different soups to try and aside from the tomato one (which I will come to in a minute), the Roast Chicken and Veg one was amazing! It was packed full with huge chunks of potato, veg and chicken and was so yummy! The are so easy to prepare as well. 5 minutes on the hob and then your good to chow down :) You can see the full range of what Crosse & Blackwell here.

Last weekend, it was cold and grey outside and it seemed like the perfect time to open the tomato soup, make some scrummy cheese on toast and all have lunch as a family. Hubby was in charge of the cheese on toast (Big thank you to Aldi for the ingredients for this) as he is amazing at making it, and I was chief soup stirrer! I think I got the easier job :) 10 minutes later, lunch was ready and we all sat down to eat our Tomato soup with cheese on toast. Bubba loved the soup as did Hubs & I and the cheese on toast went along side it perfectly. The soup was without a doubt one of the best tomato soups I have had. It wasn't too sharp but then again wasn't too sweet. It was a perfect consistency and 1 tin was the right amount for all three of us.

To find your nearest stockist of Crosse & Blackwell Soup and the view the full range, check out their website here. 

These soups were sent to use from Crosse & Blackwell and vouchers were also sent to us from Aldi for the side but all opinions are honest and my own. 

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