Delicious Kiddylicious

Bubba loves his food. Lucky for us, he has always been a good eater and will eat pretty much anything that we put in front of him. I loved the weaning process with him because he was so willing to try new foods and flavors and watching him as he started to enjoy something other than milk was amazing.
I remember when bubs was about 7 months old, I was desperately trying to find a snack that was nutritious, easy to eat and wouldn't make loads of mess when we were out. It was proving impossible and everything that came in individual wrappers was either too much for bubba to chew and bite ,as he was a late teether, or they were so messy that I would have to use a whole pack of baby wipes tidying him up afterwards. Then I discovered the Kiddylicious wafers and they have been a staple in my changing bag ever since.
I want to stress before I start gushing about these products that I haven't been paid to write this and I am not being sponsored by the company. Bubba genuinely loves their range and so I do for so many different reasons.
The Kiddylicious wafers are honest a snack game changer! They are basically flavored rice wafers aimed at children 6 months + that are gluten free, dairy free and cause NO MESS! That's right...you read that correctly..no mess what so ever. I don't know how they do it but it's like magic. Once bubba has munched his way through a pack of these 2 wafers in a pack) his hands aren't sticky, he has no mess all over his face and there is no need to reach for the baby wipes. Bubba loves these as when he was little they would just melt in his month and now he just munches his way through them and I love them as not only are they free of any nasties, they are no mess!
The other 2 things that Bubba loves from the Kiddylicous range is their Smoothie Melts and their Fruit Wiggles. The Smoothie Melts are basically melt in your mouth, freeze dried fruit smoothie packed into a handy bag. These are great as they count as 1 of your 5 a day and have no preservatives, artificial flavors or colours and no added sugar. The fruit wiggles are the same. None of the previous stuff with the added extra of being suitable for coeliacs, lactose intolerant and vegetarians. The fruit wiggles are bubs favourite at the moment. He loves to have a bag of these and pick them out one at a time. All these wiggles are is fruits and fruit juices pureed and then made into wiggly shaped snacks.

So, if you haven't guessed it already...I love this brand. I love it because it's not full of rubbish like some are, they are easy to find (check your local supermarket and I'm sure you will find them) and they are so practical for when you are out and about. If you haven't

done so already then I would definitely recommend grabbing some of these for your little ones!

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