My Ignite Journey with Julia Buckley week 3.

This week has been such a better week for us which has meant that I have managed to get back onto the ignite band wagon and I have loved it! This is my third week of having the fantastic Julia Buckley kicking my butt each night in my living room and I have really noticed a difference this week. When I first started this journey 3 weeks ago I was only able to do about 5 burpees before I felt like I was going to die! I would be so out of breath, sweating and literally struggling to jump up. Fast forward to now and I am able to do 14 burpee JACKS (yes...thats right...a burpee and then a jumping jack added onto the end for good measure) in a row with out feeling like I am going to collapse. This is a massive achievement for me and has shown me how much progress I have made.

I managed to achieve my 3 daily goals each day until Saturday as we had an emergency trip to the hospital (more about that in a separate post). Whilst I am talking about the goals, I can really notice a difference from when I have drunk my 2 liters of water to if I haven't. I am finding that my body is literally craving water now which is lovely. I had a coffee on Saturday morning after a very long night and I surprisingly didn't enjoy it. Water is defiantly the way forward for me!

Now down to business...so here are my measurements for this week...

Belly:                  44 inches (1 inch loss)
Upper arms:        14.5 (0.5 inch loss)
Thighs:                25 inches (2 inches loss!!)
Hips:                   45 inches (1 inch loss)

I am so happy with this figures as it just shows how well this programme is working!! We don't like to focus on weight on the programme as weight can be quite unreliable due to water retention etc but I did jump on the scales this morning as well just out of pure curiosity and I have lost almost 1 stone in 3 weeks! I was amazed!

I am loving being on this programme and am so glad that I took the leap and got involved. This week coming up is my last week and I am really going to miss the programme. I am actually looking into Julia's site to see what I would want to do if I stayed on :)

If you want to see what Julia can offer you then check out here website here and keep an eye out for next weeks final blog post about the ignite challenge which will have my before and after photos and total inch loss! :)

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