The scariest noise I have ever heard...

Friday night was one of the scariest nights that I have had as a parent to date. I have never felt so worried, panicked and scared for my little boy as I was at that moment. I wanted to share what happened so it may help another Mummy or Daddy and stop them for feeling that fear that I did.

So on Friday Bubba had been to my mother in laws, had been as good as gold and was in a really good mood. I picked him up when I finished work, we came home, he was playing and I started to sort things out for mine and hubbys night away (see this post if you don't know what I am talking about)and everything was normal. Hubby came home, Bubs had his mad half hour like he always does, he had his bath and went to bed just like every other normal night. Hubs & I went to bed at about 10.30 and I had literally just dropped off when bubba started coughing. Hubs went into him and then that was when we knew something wasn't right. Bubba started making this sound that I have never heard before. It sounded like a mixture of coughing, barking and gagging and it was terrifying. What was even worse though was that when he wasn't coughing, he was struggling to catch his breath and was making a noise that I can even really describe every time he breathed in. As soon as I heard this strange noise I jumped out of bed and was in bubbas room like a shot. I really thought he was going to be sick so I took him off of bubba and tried to calm him down. As I was cuddling him I could feel the rattling in his chest and could hear him struggling for breath. This was when I started to get scared.

Me and Hubs gave him a few minutes to calm down to see if the noise would stop and he would go back to normal. We honestly thought he had something stuck in his throat so checked his dummy, all in his cot and even shone a torch down his throat but couldn't find anything. After waiting about 5/10 minutes and not seeing any improvement, Hubs got on the phone to the 111 service. I don't really know what was said but next thing I know, Hubs was telling me to take bubs downstairs and within minutes we had 2 paramedics at the door.

As soon as they walked in and they heard bubba one of the ladies said 'Right, he has croup'. In my head I was thinking..''what the hell is croup and how had my little boy got it?? He was fine a couple of hours ago?!?!''. Then the paramedics starting talking about nebuliser and getting him into hospital so I quickly ran to get changed as I was still in my PJs, grab bubbas bags and shoved in his water, a bottle, the ipad (a god send!!), his mickey teddy and some snacks and off we went.

5 hours later, after a lot of tears from Bubs, 2 coffees for me and hubby, some lovely nurses, a lot of walking around a&e with bubba waving at everyone and a steroid syrup thing for bubs..we went home. He did have croup and need the steroids to help relax his wind wipe and help him breath again. Whilst we were waiting for things in the hospital, I had a read up about croup on the NHS website and the symptoms were just spot on to what bubs had:

A child can get croup at any time of the year, although it's more likely to occur during late autumn or early winter.
This may be because there are more viruses, such as colds and flu, around at this time of year.
Typical symptoms of croup include: 
  • a bark-like cough
  • a hoarse or croaky voice
  • difficulty breathing
  • a harsh grating sound when breathing in, called stridor
Stridor is often most noticeable when the child cries or coughs. But in more severe cases of croup it can also occur when the child is resting or sleeping.
Symptoms tend to be worse at night.
Some children have cold-like symptoms for a few days before developing croup symptoms.
These cold-like symptoms can include:
The above is taken from the NHS website and it described Bubba to a tee! The only thing that was different was that he had to awful cough and stridor first and then got the cold like symptoms afterwards. Croup is generally pretty harmless to children but sometimes (and in the case of bubba) children may require medical attention as their windpipes and/or throat can get very swollen and cause breathing problems.

I really wish I would have heard of this before as I wouldn't have panicked no where near as much if I would have know that things were actually okay and Bubba was going to be fine. We defiantly did the right thing by calling 111 though and all the staff at the hospital were just brilliant!

So that was our Friday night! And...needless to say...we didn't end up going for our night away as we didn't want to leave bubba when he was poorly and also we were shattered after getting only 3 hours sleep. Bubba is starting to get better but is still very snotty and has an awful cough. I am writing this on Sunday night and bubs has only been in bed for 2 and a half hours and we have already been up to him 4 times...I have a feeling it is going to be a loooooonnnnggggg night.

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