Aldi Baby Event Jan 16!

As you will full well know if you read my blog, I am a huge advocate of Aldi and especially the Aldi Mamia brand! I seem to rave about their nappies and their wipes at least once a month either on here, social media or to my friends so when Aldi asked me if I wanted to grab some stuff from their most recent baby event I (obviously) jumped at the chance.

I knew before I went in there that there was a couple of things that I defiantly wanted to get but I ended up coming out with way more than I thought I would as the deals are just so bloody great!!
Here's what we brought :

  • a HUGE box of 12 sensitive Mamia baby wipes (obvs!!!) - £5.99
  • Jumbo box of Mamia nappies - £5.99
  • 2 story books - 99p each
  • 3 pack of 18-24 month body suits- £2.99
  • Nuby toddler cup - £1.99
  • Mamia nappy sacks - 89p
  • Kiddylicious smoothie melts - £1.49
  • Calpol - £2.29
  • Milk teeth toothpaste - 75p
  • Mamia Fabric conditioner - 99p
  • Mamia Liquid wash £1.99
Just look at those prices?!?!?! I really don't know how Aldi do it!! It's not like they are cheap products being sold at dirt cheap prices. It is all seriously good quality stuff! They also had things that I have never seen in there before like high chairs, baby monitors and stair gates at amazing prices!! I am particularly excited about trying the fabric conditioner and the liquid wash as these are new products to the Mamia range and I am yet to find a good alternative to the more expensive brands of baby washing products. The other thing that I was super excited about was the Kiddylicious smoothie melts. Once again, if you read my blog on a regular basis you will know that Bubba LOVES this range and the smoothie melts are a particular favourite of his. 
So..if you have an Aldi local to you, what are you waiting for? Stop reading my blog, grab your coat and get down to Aldi. I already have a draw full of wipes and 2 packs of the nappy sacks but at those prices, I stock up! They also have an offer on an amazing Hauck stroller that I was very very tempted by but decided against as I couldn't work out how to fix it in my car if I brought it!!! See the full range of what is in the Aldi Baby event here and get down to your local store now!! 

Note - 
We were sent vouchers from Aldi to make purchases but all opinions in this post are honest and 100% my own. 

Sponsor me for #BML16!!

Ever since I started blogging in April 2015 I have had 1 aim..to get to BritMums Live 2016 (or #BML16 as it is now called)! Reading all of the posts from bloggers than went in 2015 and hearing all the amazing things they learnt at the biggest blogging event of the year made me green with envy and I made it my aim to go to in 2016. BritMums Live is the UK's biggest and buzziest social media conference and blogger event. It is a place where bloggers and social media influences meet to network with brands, socialise, improve their skills and share top tip through conferences.

Fast forward a year and the BritMums event at the Brewery in London is approaching at break neck speed and I am reaching out to anyone that would like to help me achieve my blogging goal for 2016!

In return for your sponsorship to send me to the event I will be offering the following -
  • A side bar advert on my blog with a direct link to your site for 12 months. 
  • A 'sponsored by' mention on all business cards that will be distributed at the BritMums event and a mention on my name badge. 
  • A mention and direct link in any blog post the I write about BritMums Live 2016.
  • A dedicated blog post about the sponsorship and your brand included links to all social media and sites. 
  • Free review/blog posting service for 12 months from date agreed. 
All of the above are flexible and can be negotiated as I would like to make a long term connection with a brand rather than this just be a one off thing. The approximate cost you as to sponsor me would be as follows - 
  • #BML16 ticket - £82.31
  • Travel to and from the event - £40
  • Name badges and business cards for the event - £25
Making a grand total of £147.31. To make things easier we will just call it £145. All of that advertising, a relationship with a passionate, up and coming (urgh that sounds so self indulgent!!) blogger and masses of exposure all for under £150. 

If you are interested in sponsoring me then please feel free to drop me an email to discuss further at Mymummyspam@gmail.com or find me on twitter @mymummyspam or on Facebook at My Mummy Spam. 
I hope to hear from you soon and fingers crossed for getting a sponsor :)


It's 12.56am and I'm awake.
I'm awake for no particular reason other than I just can't sleep! My head is whirling with thoughts..
'Why does hubby snore so loud? He's just stopped breathing for about 39 seconds..that's sleep anpia isn't it? Think he needs to get checked. I wonder if bubbas alright. He hasn't murmured since about 10pm.. God it's hot in this room!! It's so windy outside.. Let's check the weather for tomorrow and see what's going on. Hmm.. Raining pretty much all day. What shall me and Bubs do tomorrow then? I need to go to the post office but I want to do something that's interesting and stimulating for him too though. Bloody hell I'm freezing now! Why does hubby fidget so much?? The bed is creaking waaaay too much for my liking. Need to remember to get hubs to look at it and check it's alright. (Muffle over the baby monitor) okay.. He's fine but please please don't start crying! I've just got comfortable. I wonder how work will be the rest of this week? I wonder if I will get that opp come through this week that I've been waiting for? I really need to get onto of my sponsorship stuff for Britmums as time is really running out! Right, I have to try to go to sleep! It's now 1.03am so by the time I fall asleep I will get about 5 and a half hours sleep. Urgh I'm going to be tired tomorrow. Tomorrow! What shall we do tomorrow? We could go to toddler group.. But then when will I get to the post office? I wonder what it is I've been sent... Sh*t!!!! I've got to sort that review out and get it live by end of Jan!! But I need to get the stuff for the post first! Right.. I'll have to go to sainsburys tomorrow now then.. But that's boring for Bubs. Maybe I can pop tomorrow night when hubs is home.. 
WHY AM I THINKING ABOUT ALL THIS STUFF NOW?!?!?!??? It's the middle of the night!!!''

So, with that, I snuggle down into bed, close my eyes and try to empty my mind of all these thoughts, ideas, reminders and questions and start to drift off ever so slowly. Then what happens.. Of course.. Bubba wakes up crying as he's lost his dummy. In I go to sort him out, get back to bed a few minutes later to start the whole vicious circle again!!!! 


I've got a secret...

I've got a secret. Well, it's only a secret if you don't know me in ''real life''. It's something that I have never really spoken about on my blog but as its going to make me a little absent on here in the next couple of weeks I thought it only fair to let you in on what I am getting up to.

I love drama! Not Eastenders style ''you ain't my muvvvaaaa!!!'' drama but being on stage type drama. I have danced since I was about 3 years old and starting singing and doing acting classes when I was about 5 and I have loved it ever since then.
Playing the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella

As I went through school I was always involved in the school plays and then went on to study performing arts at college but when I started to work full time I missed being on stage so much. I was then introduced to a wonderful performing arts group that over the years have become like a little family to me. Almost every year for the past 10 years (not last year as Bubba was only 4 months old) I have been involved in one way or another with putting together an epic pantomime that we perform in the February half term. Panto in February may seem weird but its not..the weather is always pants so it is the perfect way to keep the kids entertained for a couple of hours. I love being involved! The best part for me is when you see the kids out in the audience and how much they really do believe that everything that is going on on the stage is 100% real!!

Tinkerbell (ON HEELEYS!!) in Peter Pan

Over the years I have played numerous different parts...from fairies to baddies but this year I am going back to one of my favourite parts to play, the princess :) I love being a princess..lets be honest..who doesn't want to pretend to be a princess twice a day for a week! But, having a main role in a show like this means that a certain level of commitment is required. Currently I am rehearsing for 6 hours on a Sunday and sometimes week nights too. The week of the show we rehearse Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and then have 2 shows a day from Wednesday to Saturday. It is hard work but I love it and I love the people that I do it with.
This means that for the next couple of weeks I may not be around on the blog as often and I may be posting some random pictures on social media but just go with it...normal service will resume after half term week :)
Sleeping Beauty (I was 2 months pregnant in this!)

If you are around the Southend area and want to come and see this years panto of Aladdin then check out the link here to get your tickets or you can email tickets@merlin-productions.co.uk or phone 07779906040


5 essential things you need when your toddler has a cold!

So Bubba is ill.... Again! It feels like he has constantly had some kind cold or cough recently. Suppose one good thing is that it is building his immune system but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. Whilst having another 'challenging' day with him yesterday it got me thinking about what essential things I think you need when tackling a snotty toddler. So here is my list of 5 essential things you need when your child has a cold!

1. Muslin Cloths. 
Always have these to hand when your bubba is poorly. They are so multi functional! In the past I have used them to mop up snot, dribble, sick, food..pretty much everything that needs mopping up can be initially cleaned up by these bad boys until you get a chance to go back and give the area (or child) a proper clean!

2. Medicine.
An obvious one really. I currently have 5 bottles of the stuff on the go. A bottle of Calpol and a bottle of Calprofen up stairs in bubbas room, a bottle of each of them downstairs as well (as I'm lazy), a bottle of Calcough for before sleep time and a plug in Calpol Sooth & Care Vapour plug in in bubbas bedroom. This plug in is AMAZING! I can't even begin to tell you how much I recommend these things. They are a little pricey, as are the refills, but they are so worth the money. It has a wonderful lavender and chamomile vapours that not only clear snuffly little noses but also smell so relaxing!

3. Dribble Bibs 
I have mentioned a couple of times on here that Bubba is a dribbly baby. Always has been. But when he has a cold or isn't feeling well the dribble is on a whole new level!! In the past couple of days we have been going through about 5 per day. We use the Funky Giraffe dribble bibs (check them out here as they are honestly the best dribble bibs ever and NO they have not paid me to say that, I just love them!) and even they get soaked through when bubs is poorly. Make sure you have a good stock of bibs to last while you clean the others!

                                                         4. Snacks and favourite foods. 
When I am poorly, I become really fussy with foods. I don't want to eat and then I do, then I only want something specific and I can imagine that is the way these little bubs feel when they are poorly. I always make sure that when bubba is feeling a little poorly I have his favourite things in. At the moment he is really into Bananas, bread sticks, yogurts and baked beans and then kiddylicous banana bites and apple bites, kiddylicous wafers, kiddylicous wiggles...Basically anything from the kiddylicous range is a hit. The past couple of days my little bubs has basically lived of off bananas, youghurts and kiddylicious snacks! You can see their full range here (once again, not a sponsor but I am just a big fan!).

5. Patience.
This is the most important thing you will need when your bubba is ill. Lot's and lot's of patience. When my bubba is poorly, everything else just goes by the wayside. House work, washing, cleaning etc as all my little boy normally wants is snuggles.  It's so hard sometimes as, as a mum, you have so much to do but you just have to sit back, let it all go and enjoy the snuggles and make your little person feel better. It takes patience, time and a lot of snuggles but before you know it they will be back to themselves again.

Have you got any top tips for what you do when your little one feels poorly?
Let me know in the comments below.


Overwhelmed with love.

Sometimes I take a minute just to look at my little boy. Take him all in and soak every single little feature of him up. I see his tiny button nose, his toothy grin, his rosy little cheeks, his tiny fingers, his beautiful, innocent eyes, his chubby little tum all the way down to his tickley little toes. I take a few seconds to listen to his voice and his laugh. I try so hard to memorise his cheeky little giggle and his babbly, chatty voice. Even after 16 months I find it so hard to believe that I created him. I can't get my head around that fact that grew him and felt him wiggling around in my tummy all those months ago and now he is here it's like I have never been without him. My perfect little boy.

I then have a feeling that is so hard to explain. I feel totally overwhelmed with love. When I really look at him the feeling of love that washes over me is so intense, so powerful and so unlike any other emotion I have ever felt ever. I feel it so deep in my heart that it almost becomes a physical feeling. Sometimes it is so strong that it brings me to tears. I can't believe that this wonderful little person is mine to love and protect for all of my life and I feel so grateful and blessed that I get to watch him grow up and that we get to share our days together.

Watching him develop his own little personality makes me beam with pride and see the amazing, funny, crazy little toddler that he is turning into makes me feel so bless that I get to watch yet so sad that he is growing up. It makes me heart flutter when I see him laughing at hubby being silly and hearing him say 'oooohhhh' when something doesn't go right makes me smile so wide that is almost hurts my face.

The only way I can describe it is that I feel overwhelmed with love for this little person. I feel overwhelmed that I could ever love anyone as much as I love my son. It scares me a little as I don't understand how I would ever be able to love anyone as much as I love him. He is my world. His smile brings happiness into my heart and his presence brings light into my life.
I guess that's why they say a mothers love is like no other.


What Mum's say VS what Mum's really mean

What Mum's say:                 To your husband ''Ahh...he's calling for Daddy''
What Mum's mean:              Why don't you get up off your butt, go upstairs and put his dummy back                                                 in you lazy git!

What Mum's say:                 ''Let's go see Nanny''
What Mum's mean:              I need a break! At Nanny's you can run around, get spoilt and I can                                                        have a hot cup of tea. 

What Mum's say:                 ''Of course I will read the little red fire engine to you..''
What Mum's mean:              Of course I will read all about that bloody little red fire engine for the                                                   umpteenth time today! Maybe the little red fire engine will be taking a 
                                                trip to the dump soon...hmmmm..... 

What Mum's say:                 ''I'm just popping to the loo''
What Mum's mean:              I'm just going to sit in the loo for 10 minutes to scroll through                                                                Facebook and Instagram and to get a tiny bit of peace top get my sanity                                                back!

What Mum's say:                ''You really shouldn't be doing that...''
What Mum's mean:             But I am going to let you do it anyway if it keep you happy for 5 seconds

What Mum's say:                ''I think he's teething''
What Mum's mean:             I don't really think he's teething..he's just being a grot bag and having a                                                  melt down for no apparent reason.

What Mum's say:               To husband ''What time do you think you'll be home from work?''
What Mum's mean:            When will you be back so we can tag team this pint sized demon as I am                                               failing on my own right now!

What Mum's say:               To husband ''Of course I don't mind you popping out with the boys for an                                               hour''
What Mum's mean:           Of course I don't mind you ''popping'' out AGAIN for an hour  4 hours 
                                             with the boys whilst I stay home AGAIN and think about the fact that I 
                                             haven't had a baby free outing in almost 5 months. 

What Mum's say:               Whilst feeding toddler dinner ''Open wide..it's the last one''
What Mum's mean:            Who are we kidding? It's been the last one for the past 6 mouthful but 
                                             your eating it so I don't really care! I am just going to sit her and feel 
                                             feel pretty damn smug with myself :)

What Mum's say:              ''Night Night...I love you''
What Mum's mean:            You may have run me ragged today, you may have made the house look 
                                             like a bomb has hit it and you may have made me doubt my skills as a 
                                             mother at least 5 times today but you are the light of my life. You fill my 
                                             heart with love and my life with happiness and joy. Sleep well..I love you
                                            and lets do this all again tomorrow :)


I can't talk about 2016 without reflecting on 2015 and what a year that was. A year that I will be happy to see the back of!

Yes there were some wonderful moments such as Bubba's first birthday, seeing him take his first steps, his first trip away from home and watching him go from being a little squige of a baby into the start of a toddler. All of these made 2015 an awesome year! The was the parts that make me want to forget 2015. I lost 3 of my grandparents in the space of 10 months. It was awful for all of my family but especially my mum and dad. I don't want to go into details but it has without a doubt been emotionally the hardest year of my life and holes were created in my heart during 2015 that I know will never be filled.

That is why I was so excited when 2016 rolled around. As hard as it is, I wanted to put all of the horrible stuff to one side and focus on what I open will be a much better year. I haven't made new years resolutions this year as I never stick to them anyway but there are a few things that I am so super exicted for this year and I wanted to blog about them so I can look back next year and see how they all went!

1. Continuing my fitness journey.
As you will know if you read my blog, I was part of a pilot programme for the fabulous Julia Buckley and her new Ignite programme (there is an ebook that you can purchase all about it which I would highly recommend which I have linked here) and I managed to loose a stone in a month along with inches off all over. It was fantastic and I really enjoyed doing her programme. Since it finished I have now joined up to be a member of her online gym which then gives me access to all of her programmes and the brilliantly supportive fourum that is on there too. I am so excited about carrying on with my fitness journey and I am confident that this will be the year I get my body back :)

2. Our first ''proper'' family holiday.
This is probably the thing I am most excited for in 2016. We have had a couple of nights away in the UK bu in September we are off to Disneyland Paris for a week to celebrate bubbas 2nd birthday and our 4th wedding anniversary. Disneyland Paris is a very special place to us as that is where me and hubby met and where we then got engaged so i can't wait to take our little bubba there and introduce him to the magic! ekkkkkkkk!!!!

3. My Mummy Spams 1st birthday.
 I can't believe that come May I would have been blogging for 1 year?!? 1 whole year???!?!? Where has that time gone? I love blogging and I love the people and opportunities that it has brought into my life. I am going to try to plan something big to celebrate it's first birthday as to me, it a date worth celebrating :)

Here to an exciting year that has got to be better than the last one!! :)
What are you excited about this year??


Let babies be babies!

This may be controversial..maybe not but it's something that has been playing on my mind for a while and this is my little space in the internet so I'm going to write about it! :)
Why do people feel the need to push their babies to grow up? Here is a small example of the type of things I mean:

Putting a baby that can't walk or stand up (or even sit up for that matter) in shoes??

Getting rid of "baby things" likes travel systems and prams and/or cot bars as the little one is "turning into a big boy/girl"? 

Posting photos of the little one cooking or colouring or doing crafts when clearly all they are actually doing is trying to eat the food/colouring/crafts? 

I just don't get it. Yes I know that children move and develope at different rates but why not just let babies be babies? They are only our babies for such a short time as before we know it they will really be grown up and independent. Why push them to do this sooner? 

Me and hubby recently discussed taking the bars off of bubbas bed. This wasn't because he was climbing out of it or anything like that. It was purely because I had seen so many people with babies of bubbas age taking the cot bars off. I thought that it was just norm for them to come off when Bubs was this age as it was what everyone else around me was doing. I really didn't want to do it though. He is too young to understand (in my opinion) he can't just walk over and play with his toys whenever he wants just because he can get out of bed. And he won't understand that can't come walking into mummy and daddy's room at 4 am just because he can as there are no bars. He can't understand that yet and he is such a good sleeper that I didn't see why I should fix something that wasn't broken. Yes it may be seen to some as "babyish" that he is still in a full cot but so what?!? He's 16 months old and he is a baby. 

So I've decided to ignore what other are doing around me. You won't find me posting pictures of Bubs decorating biscuits with me as he can't do that yet..trust me... I've tried and he would rather take the biscuit and run! I won't be giving up my pram anytime soon for something lighter for me but less comfy for him as he's "a big boy" who doesn't need a pram. Our pram cost my parent enough so u will be making the most of it! And I will most certainly not be removing bubbas cot bars anytime soon as I like that all of us get a full nights sleep. Lack of sleep does not bode well with my little family! Am I babying bubba? Maybe, be he is still my baby in my eyes so I will baby him whilst I can :)