5 essential things you need when your toddler has a cold!

So Bubba is ill.... Again! It feels like he has constantly had some kind cold or cough recently. Suppose one good thing is that it is building his immune system but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. Whilst having another 'challenging' day with him yesterday it got me thinking about what essential things I think you need when tackling a snotty toddler. So here is my list of 5 essential things you need when your child has a cold!

1. Muslin Cloths. 
Always have these to hand when your bubba is poorly. They are so multi functional! In the past I have used them to mop up snot, dribble, sick, food..pretty much everything that needs mopping up can be initially cleaned up by these bad boys until you get a chance to go back and give the area (or child) a proper clean!

2. Medicine.
An obvious one really. I currently have 5 bottles of the stuff on the go. A bottle of Calpol and a bottle of Calprofen up stairs in bubbas room, a bottle of each of them downstairs as well (as I'm lazy), a bottle of Calcough for before sleep time and a plug in Calpol Sooth & Care Vapour plug in in bubbas bedroom. This plug in is AMAZING! I can't even begin to tell you how much I recommend these things. They are a little pricey, as are the refills, but they are so worth the money. It has a wonderful lavender and chamomile vapours that not only clear snuffly little noses but also smell so relaxing!

3. Dribble Bibs 
I have mentioned a couple of times on here that Bubba is a dribbly baby. Always has been. But when he has a cold or isn't feeling well the dribble is on a whole new level!! In the past couple of days we have been going through about 5 per day. We use the Funky Giraffe dribble bibs (check them out here as they are honestly the best dribble bibs ever and NO they have not paid me to say that, I just love them!) and even they get soaked through when bubs is poorly. Make sure you have a good stock of bibs to last while you clean the others!

                                                         4. Snacks and favourite foods. 
When I am poorly, I become really fussy with foods. I don't want to eat and then I do, then I only want something specific and I can imagine that is the way these little bubs feel when they are poorly. I always make sure that when bubba is feeling a little poorly I have his favourite things in. At the moment he is really into Bananas, bread sticks, yogurts and baked beans and then kiddylicous banana bites and apple bites, kiddylicous wafers, kiddylicous wiggles...Basically anything from the kiddylicous range is a hit. The past couple of days my little bubs has basically lived of off bananas, youghurts and kiddylicious snacks! You can see their full range here (once again, not a sponsor but I am just a big fan!).

5. Patience.
This is the most important thing you will need when your bubba is ill. Lot's and lot's of patience. When my bubba is poorly, everything else just goes by the wayside. House work, washing, cleaning etc as all my little boy normally wants is snuggles.  It's so hard sometimes as, as a mum, you have so much to do but you just have to sit back, let it all go and enjoy the snuggles and make your little person feel better. It takes patience, time and a lot of snuggles but before you know it they will be back to themselves again.

Have you got any top tips for what you do when your little one feels poorly?
Let me know in the comments below.

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