Aldi Baby Event Jan 16!

As you will full well know if you read my blog, I am a huge advocate of Aldi and especially the Aldi Mamia brand! I seem to rave about their nappies and their wipes at least once a month either on here, social media or to my friends so when Aldi asked me if I wanted to grab some stuff from their most recent baby event I (obviously) jumped at the chance.

I knew before I went in there that there was a couple of things that I defiantly wanted to get but I ended up coming out with way more than I thought I would as the deals are just so bloody great!!
Here's what we brought :

  • a HUGE box of 12 sensitive Mamia baby wipes (obvs!!!) - £5.99
  • Jumbo box of Mamia nappies - £5.99
  • 2 story books - 99p each
  • 3 pack of 18-24 month body suits- £2.99
  • Nuby toddler cup - £1.99
  • Mamia nappy sacks - 89p
  • Kiddylicious smoothie melts - £1.49
  • Calpol - £2.29
  • Milk teeth toothpaste - 75p
  • Mamia Fabric conditioner - 99p
  • Mamia Liquid wash £1.99
Just look at those prices?!?!?! I really don't know how Aldi do it!! It's not like they are cheap products being sold at dirt cheap prices. It is all seriously good quality stuff! They also had things that I have never seen in there before like high chairs, baby monitors and stair gates at amazing prices!! I am particularly excited about trying the fabric conditioner and the liquid wash as these are new products to the Mamia range and I am yet to find a good alternative to the more expensive brands of baby washing products. The other thing that I was super excited about was the Kiddylicious smoothie melts. Once again, if you read my blog on a regular basis you will know that Bubba LOVES this range and the smoothie melts are a particular favourite of his. 
So..if you have an Aldi local to you, what are you waiting for? Stop reading my blog, grab your coat and get down to Aldi. I already have a draw full of wipes and 2 packs of the nappy sacks but at those prices, I stock up! They also have an offer on an amazing Hauck stroller that I was very very tempted by but decided against as I couldn't work out how to fix it in my car if I brought it!!! See the full range of what is in the Aldi Baby event here and get down to your local store now!! 

Note - 
We were sent vouchers from Aldi to make purchases but all opinions in this post are honest and 100% my own. 

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