It's 12.56am and I'm awake.
I'm awake for no particular reason other than I just can't sleep! My head is whirling with thoughts..
'Why does hubby snore so loud? He's just stopped breathing for about 39 seconds..that's sleep anpia isn't it? Think he needs to get checked. I wonder if bubbas alright. He hasn't murmured since about 10pm.. God it's hot in this room!! It's so windy outside.. Let's check the weather for tomorrow and see what's going on. Hmm.. Raining pretty much all day. What shall me and Bubs do tomorrow then? I need to go to the post office but I want to do something that's interesting and stimulating for him too though. Bloody hell I'm freezing now! Why does hubby fidget so much?? The bed is creaking waaaay too much for my liking. Need to remember to get hubs to look at it and check it's alright. (Muffle over the baby monitor) okay.. He's fine but please please don't start crying! I've just got comfortable. I wonder how work will be the rest of this week? I wonder if I will get that opp come through this week that I've been waiting for? I really need to get onto of my sponsorship stuff for Britmums as time is really running out! Right, I have to try to go to sleep! It's now 1.03am so by the time I fall asleep I will get about 5 and a half hours sleep. Urgh I'm going to be tired tomorrow. Tomorrow! What shall we do tomorrow? We could go to toddler group.. But then when will I get to the post office? I wonder what it is I've been sent... Sh*t!!!! I've got to sort that review out and get it live by end of Jan!! But I need to get the stuff for the post first! Right.. I'll have to go to sainsburys tomorrow now then.. But that's boring for Bubs. Maybe I can pop tomorrow night when hubs is home.. 
WHY AM I THINKING ABOUT ALL THIS STUFF NOW?!?!?!??? It's the middle of the night!!!''

So, with that, I snuggle down into bed, close my eyes and try to empty my mind of all these thoughts, ideas, reminders and questions and start to drift off ever so slowly. Then what happens.. Of course.. Bubba wakes up crying as he's lost his dummy. In I go to sort him out, get back to bed a few minutes later to start the whole vicious circle again!!!! 

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