Let babies be babies!

This may be controversial..maybe not but it's something that has been playing on my mind for a while and this is my little space in the internet so I'm going to write about it! :)
Why do people feel the need to push their babies to grow up? Here is a small example of the type of things I mean:

Putting a baby that can't walk or stand up (or even sit up for that matter) in shoes??

Getting rid of "baby things" likes travel systems and prams and/or cot bars as the little one is "turning into a big boy/girl"? 

Posting photos of the little one cooking or colouring or doing crafts when clearly all they are actually doing is trying to eat the food/colouring/crafts? 

I just don't get it. Yes I know that children move and develope at different rates but why not just let babies be babies? They are only our babies for such a short time as before we know it they will really be grown up and independent. Why push them to do this sooner? 

Me and hubby recently discussed taking the bars off of bubbas bed. This wasn't because he was climbing out of it or anything like that. It was purely because I had seen so many people with babies of bubbas age taking the cot bars off. I thought that it was just norm for them to come off when Bubs was this age as it was what everyone else around me was doing. I really didn't want to do it though. He is too young to understand (in my opinion) he can't just walk over and play with his toys whenever he wants just because he can get out of bed. And he won't understand that can't come walking into mummy and daddy's room at 4 am just because he can as there are no bars. He can't understand that yet and he is such a good sleeper that I didn't see why I should fix something that wasn't broken. Yes it may be seen to some as "babyish" that he is still in a full cot but so what?!? He's 16 months old and he is a baby. 

So I've decided to ignore what other are doing around me. You won't find me posting pictures of Bubs decorating biscuits with me as he can't do that yet..trust me... I've tried and he would rather take the biscuit and run! I won't be giving up my pram anytime soon for something lighter for me but less comfy for him as he's "a big boy" who doesn't need a pram. Our pram cost my parent enough so u will be making the most of it! And I will most certainly not be removing bubbas cot bars anytime soon as I like that all of us get a full nights sleep. Lack of sleep does not bode well with my little family! Am I babying bubba? Maybe, be he is still my baby in my eyes so I will baby him whilst I can :)

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