Sponsor me for #BML16!!

Ever since I started blogging in April 2015 I have had 1 aim..to get to BritMums Live 2016 (or #BML16 as it is now called)! Reading all of the posts from bloggers than went in 2015 and hearing all the amazing things they learnt at the biggest blogging event of the year made me green with envy and I made it my aim to go to in 2016. BritMums Live is the UK's biggest and buzziest social media conference and blogger event. It is a place where bloggers and social media influences meet to network with brands, socialise, improve their skills and share top tip through conferences.

Fast forward a year and the BritMums event at the Brewery in London is approaching at break neck speed and I am reaching out to anyone that would like to help me achieve my blogging goal for 2016!

In return for your sponsorship to send me to the event I will be offering the following -
  • A side bar advert on my blog with a direct link to your site for 12 months. 
  • A 'sponsored by' mention on all business cards that will be distributed at the BritMums event and a mention on my name badge. 
  • A mention and direct link in any blog post the I write about BritMums Live 2016.
  • A dedicated blog post about the sponsorship and your brand included links to all social media and sites. 
  • Free review/blog posting service for 12 months from date agreed. 
All of the above are flexible and can be negotiated as I would like to make a long term connection with a brand rather than this just be a one off thing. The approximate cost you as to sponsor me would be as follows - 
  • #BML16 ticket - £82.31
  • Travel to and from the event - £40
  • Name badges and business cards for the event - £25
Making a grand total of £147.31. To make things easier we will just call it £145. All of that advertising, a relationship with a passionate, up and coming (urgh that sounds so self indulgent!!) blogger and masses of exposure all for under £150. 

If you are interested in sponsoring me then please feel free to drop me an email to discuss further at Mymummyspam@gmail.com or find me on twitter @mymummyspam or on Facebook at My Mummy Spam. 
I hope to hear from you soon and fingers crossed for getting a sponsor :)

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