''In the land of Pantomime..''

You may have noticed that I have been a little absent on my blog and social media recently. This is because I have been in Pekin and Bangkok..well not the real ones but someone beautifully designed, wonderful lit and very happily watched ones. I have been in the land of Pantomime!

To give some background, I have the pleasure of knowing a wonderful bunch of people that collectively are known as Merlin productions and every year during February half term this hard working bunch puts on a pantomime to raise money for local charities. I think that when people hear that its an amateur dramatic group that raises money for charity they instantly think that it might be a bit naff but I can honestly say that they put on one of the most professional am dram productions in our area and I am so proud to be a part of it. Every year the productions seem to get better and better and I do constantly wonder how the poor family that are at the helm of this amazing group can top each show.

This years production of Aladdin was no exception. I'm not going to go into all the mushy, technical details as it may bore the ones of you who aren't as passionate about this as me but it was a fantastic, funny, hard and tiring week that raised lots of money for some fantastic charities and (hopefully) entertained hundreds of people. I was lucky enough to be given the role of the princess (I love playing princesses and fairy's as I love nothing more than making all the little girls smile and have hope in fairy dust) and when I say lucky..I honestly felt lucky. I was in fact a little shocked that the director/producer was going to be happy with a fat, frumpy, nearly 27 year old princess so I relished every moment of being on that stage!

So that is where I have been. I have been doing 2 shows a day for 3 almost 4 days with loooooonnnng rehearsals before hand. It was so hard being with out bubba for that time but hubby took the week off which meant we still got the mornings as a family and then had some much needed daddy/son time for the rest of the day. I was planning on taking my laptop with me to the theater and blogging in-between shows but do you know what? I was having too much of a hoot with some wonderfully talented, caring and fascinating people to even give My Mummy Spam a second thought! Bad blogger I know but I regret nothing!! :)

You can now expect normal service to resume as I am begrudgingly out of my princess dress and make up and back to being Mummy and Ami :)

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