Shaken Udder Review

When I was pregnant I suffered with awful heart burn. I wasn't really a big milkshake fan (hubby was and still is) but I had no choice but to become one as it was so nice to have some relief from that awful bubbling, burning sensation. I remember popping into Sainsburys one day to find some ready made cartons of milkshakes and I came across a brand called Shaken Udder. The milkshakes I ended up buying were actually their kiddie range but they were LUSH and when they contacted me a couple of weeks ago and asked if we wanted to review some I jumped at the chance.

Shaken Udder is relatively new brand created by self confessed milk addicts and husband and wife duo, Jodie and Howie. They produce a range of yummy flavored, thick, creamy milkshakes using locally sourced ingredients. This was one thing that I loved about the brand was that they are in my local area! You should be able to find the range in your local Tescos or Sainsburys or you can click here to visit their website and see stockists.

So, when these milkshakes were delivered, I was out and hubby took the delivery. He was over the moon as he loves milkshake. He was so excited, in fact, that he totally ignored forgot my request that he take photos of them first before starting to try them (hence the photos having to be from Shaken Udders website!). He just jumped straight in! I suppose I should be grateful that he saved a little for me to try when I was back!

I love the texture of these milkshakes. They are so thick and creamy without being sickly which I really liked. I sometimes find that milkshakes that fall in to 2 categories. Too thin and watery like the ones you make at home or so thick that you can barely suck it through a straw and you feel sick afterwards, like a maccy D's one. The Shaken Udder milkshakes have the perfect balance between the 2. The flavour quality of these shakes is also amazing! I fell in love with their new Salted Caramel one which honestly has to be tasted to believed. Hubby loved all of the flavours and Bubba (who normally doesn't like milkshakes and only likes plain milk) demolished a little carton of the banana milkshake all in about 2 mins flat! It is safe to say that these shakes were a hit in the Mummy Spam house hold!

These milkshakes RRP at £1.30 for the 330ML bottles which I think is a great price for a product that is such good quality. If you haven't tried them yet, I would highly recommend that you get down to your local supermarket and pick yourself up a couple of these yummy treats :)

Note - we were sent a variety of these milkshakes to try but all opinions in this post are honest and 100% my own.

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