Blog award season!!

Around this time last year, I had just started to delve into the world of blogging. I wasn't brave enough to post anything at that point but I started to read blogs and follow bloggers on twitter to get a feel of the ''blogger life'' (if that is even a thing!). I started to see that bloggers had the opportunity to win awards and to be nominated in different categories. To be honest, it did seem like a little bit of a popularity contest to me but I remember a couple of weeks later when I launched my blog, that I really wanted to be nominated. It was silly really as My Mummy Spam was in the super early stages of it life and had hardly no one reading it but I think I wanted to be nominated so badly to prove to myself that someone other than my Mum was reading my blog. Needless to say..I wasn't nominated!

Fast forward about a year and My Mummy Spam is going from strength to strength and it is blog award season again. I was in two minds as to if I should let my readers know about the awards and how to nominate as I don't want to beg for votes or try to bride people to nominate me. I also (deep down) didn't want to put myself out there in regards to awards in case I didn't get nominated as I think I will feel really poop. Then again, part of me wanted to tell you all about it. If you enjoy reading my blog, why shouldn't I ask you to nominate me? I have seen bloggers than are massive compared to me doing posts like this so why shouldn't I? I don't expect to get any further if I am nominated as I believe that the voting goes down to number of votes and there are bloggers nominated that have followers and reader numbers in the tens of thousands. That is when it starts to feel a little like a popularity contest but there is no harm in possibly being nominated is there? :)

So...now for the cringy begging part.

If you enjoy reading my blog then I would love to be nominated! At the moment there are 2 awards events open. One is the Mums and Dads awards by Tots100. You can visit their nomination form by clicking on the badge below. The other is the BiB awards. This is run by BritMums and I would love nothing more than to be nominated for their 'Fresh voice award'. This is for blogs that are less than 18 months old and My Mummy Spam is just that. My URL (as I believe both ask for it) is: http://www.mymummyspam.co.uk and you can find all of my social media links at the side.

So, if you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it and interacting with all of you lovely people then please do nominate me as it would mean a lot :)

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