Chocolate bunny bum baking with Dr. Oetker.

Easter conjures up many images for me. Easter eggs, Easter Sunday dinner with family, baby chicks, lambs, the Easter Bunny… The list could go on and on. 

Dr. Oetkedecided to combine a couple of my favourite things from Easter and create an amazing edible six foot tall Bunny Bum which was placed on display in London. This chocolate lovers dream was commissioned by Dr. Oetker and crafted by baking expert Juliet Sear. Taking over 110 hours to create and using more than 3000 bars of Dr. Oetkers Fine Cooks’ chocolate, it brought a smile to commuters’ faces today in Potter’s Field Park.

This giant creation that shows the Easter Bunny’s Bum burrowing into the grass was constructed during a 10 day period and includes over 450kg of chocolate. Juliet made the giant creation piece by piece, allowing the parts to harden and dry overnight. She then finished the Bunny by attaching its 8 foot ears and feet which were prepared with Dr Oetker’s Fine Cooks’ White chocolate. 

When asked about her wonderful creation, Juliet said:
‘’During Easter everyone automatically thinks of chocolate eggs. When Dr. Oetker came to me wanting to champion the Easter bunny, I was excited to create something a little different. When you undertake such an ambitious project, quality ingredients are key to success. After some expected challenges with the first-time creation, my team and I had lots of fun and were all so proud to have completed it. Move over chocolate egg, there’s somebunny new in town!’’

So why am I telling you about this? Well apart from the fact that a giant bunny bum being constructed in the middle of London is just awesomewe were sent a recipe to create some Bunny Bum cupcakes ourselves! I’m not going to liethis recipe wasn’t the easiest one in the world but it gave some fantastic results and we managed to make cupcakes that would make a wonderful Easter gift and a great alternative to the traditional Easter eggs. 

This is what our Bunny Bum cupcakes should have looked like:

This is what our Bunny Bum cupcakes actually looked like:


You can see the full recipe along with all the ingredients you will need here http://www.oetker.co.uk/uk-en/rezepte/r/bunny-bum-cupcakes.html

We included a little addition to our cupcakes to add more chocolate to it! We used the fabulous Dr. Oetker Surprise Inside Cupcake Centres in Rich Chocolate flavour.  This meant that when these yummy little cupcakes are bitten into, there is a delicious, gooey surprise in the middle. 
So what do you think? Will you be making your own Bunny Bum cupcakes this Easter? 
For more Easter baking ideas visit: www.oetker.co.uk/easter

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