Mum's Happiest Hour?

According to research under taken by Infacol, Britains Number One Infant Colic Remedy, the happiest hours in the day for women with babies is either first thing in the morning when their babies wake up or when they snuggle down for bed. In fact, Mum's couldn't deiced if they liked morning or evenings best with 27% voting for each and 1 in 5 Mum's saying they liked early or late afternoon. Only 6 % said they were happiest at lunch time!

This got me thinking about why Mum's like this time of the day the most. For me, I would totally agree with them. I love the mornings! Going into Bubbas room in the morning is one of my favourite moments as I get to see his sleepy little eyes peeping over the cots bars at me. I then carry him into our room and we have toasty snuggles whilst watching cartoons. It is so special and I honestly cherish those moments as I know that he won't stay little forever.

I also agree that I love bed time too. I don't mean my bed time (although I do love my sleep!) but when it is Bubbas bed time. I love the little routine we have got into. He has his bath, then we have a snuggle on the sofa watching Curious George or something along those lines, then he gets his PJ's on and we head upstairs for bottle and story time. We sit in his bed room reading a story and having a cuddle then off he goes to bed. This little routine works so well for us and I really enjoy our story time.

If I had to pick between the 2, I don't know which one I would go for! The truth is..all of the moments I spend with Bubba are the happiest..even when bubba is tamtruming and even when I think back to those colicky baby days (side note - Thank you infacol for being a god send!!).

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