To my Mum...

To my Mum,

Today is Mother's day and I wanted to write to you to let you know a few things that I never really think about seeing when I see you day to day.

I have always known that you were a great Mum. Even in those moments when we argued, screamed at cried at each other and I stropped at you for stopping me from doing things or going places..I know you were just being a good Mum.

But, if I am being honest, I only realised how much of a good much you are when I became a Mum myself. Becoming a Mummy changed my life. It changed the way I think, my priorities, my views, my feelings to other people in my life...it literally changed everything. In the 18 months that Bubba has been part of our lives (27 months if you take into account when he was Tiny in my belly) I don't feel like I have ever thanked you for all the times you have been there.

Thank you for being so supportive and excited when we told you that Tiny was going to be coming into our lives even though I know you didn't want to be a Granny before 50.

Thank you for always being at the end of the phone during my pregnancy and not making me feel like a hypercondriac all the time!

Thank you for coming to visit me all of those times in the hospital during the week in the lead up to Bubba's birth and for bring me a happy meal when I could face hospital food anymore.

Thank you for being their to support me and hubby when Bubba was being born...even if the 2 of you did cause havoc with the numbing spray and you nearly passed out :)

Thank you for being such a wonderful Nanny and loving that little boy from the moment you met him. So many people aren't fortunate enough to have their Mum's around and to be able to watch them become Nanny's and I am so grateful I have been able to see you become NanNan.

Thank you for always thinking of Bubba. Like the time you and dad brought him a singing, instrument thing because he had been poorly or like the fact that you let some little person what the telly whilst he is eating his breakfast just because you know it makes him happy.

Thank you for the times you have been on the end of the phone when I have called you almost in tears because I can't get my tiny newborn to stop crying and thank you for giving me advice and helping.

Thank you for becoming a baby sitter for us. It feels like a role reversals as it feels like only yesterday I was babysitting the boys whilst you and Dad went out and now it's the other way around :)

Thank you for giving my son a safe, happy and educational environment to be in whilst I am at work. I don't know what we would do without you helping us whilst I am at work and it's all thanks to you that I can go to work and not worry about Bubba being unhappy or sad. He happily waves me off and I know thats because he is happy with his Nanny.

Thank you for making me feel like a good Mum. I feel like I am doing a good job with Bubba when I hear what a good boy he has been, how well he has eaten his dinner and how easily he has gone to bed for you.

This list could go on and on and on.

Thank you for everything you have ever done for me and for everything you do for my little family. We love you so so much and I am so lucky to have a Mum as beautiful, generous, caring, selfless and sometimes a little crazy as you. I know that at times you feel under appreciated and like no one cares but please do know that I care more than you will ever know and I appreciate you so much.

I love you more than you will ever know and I am grateful to you in a way that I will never be able to explain.

Happy Mother's day


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