Aldi Baby and Toddler Event!!!

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I am a massive advocate of the Aldi Mamia range. I love their nappies and wipes and honestly believe that they are the best on the market for day to day nappy changing. So when their Baby and Toddler events comes round (starting in store on 21st April 2016!) I am naturally very excited!

This event, however, is even more exciting as you can now purchase a number of the baby and toddler special buys ONLINE!! So, in celebration of this I thought I would share with you my 5 MUST HAVES from the Baby and Toddler event that starts in store on the 21st April and online NOW!

1. Mamia Jumbo Box Nappies - £5.79

Bubba wear these nappies each and every day and I honestly wouldn't put him in anything else for
day time wear. These jumbo boxes have 78 nappies inside them which would cover bubba for almost a month and for 7p per nappy that is a bargain in my opinion!! They are brilliant quality as well. We never have any problem with Bubba leaking during the day or getting any nappy rash so to me these are a winner all round!!

2. Mamia Fragrance Free Baby Wipes - £5.99

You may look at the above and think 'why on earth are baby wipes over £5??'. Well...it's not one pack of baby wipes. It is, in fact, 12 packs of 64 wipes which works out at an amazing 49p per pack!!! These wipes are honestly the best wipes I have ever used. Bubba used to have very sensative skin when he was a baby and these never once brought him up in any kind of rash. Now I use them daily, not just for nappy changes, but for face wiping, hand wiping, general cleaning (yes really!!) and I can honestly not recommend them enough!

3. Ear/Forehead Thermometer - £8.99

If you haven't got an in ear thermometer then I would recommend snatching this one up at a bargain price when the special buy event starts! In ear thermometers give you the most precises readings and we have always used one with bubba but they are normally ridiculously expensive. At under £10 I
think you can't go wrong with this one but can imagine lot's of people will think the same so get one of these before they are all gone :)

4. Mamia Fragranced Nappy Snacks - £0.89

I always buy these when the special buys come round as I only tend to find them during these events. If I'm being honest I tend to stock pile these as they are not only at a jaw dropping price (0.005p each!!!!). You would think that at a price like this the quality would be compromised but that is not the case. These bags are strong, durable and smell great, even with poopey nappies inside!

5. Blackboard Table and Chairs - £29.99

This table and chairs set is so cute and I can't believe it is under £30!! I love that it comes with two chairs so if your little one has siblings they can join in and I think the blackboard top is a brilliant idea!! The fact that this can be delivered is another HUGE bonus as it means you don't have to haul it out of the shop and attempt to squish in into your car to get it home.

This list could go on and on but rather then me gush about how much I love the Aldi special buys anymore than I already have, why don't you just click here to check out their website and take advance of the free standard delivery (yes, you read that right..FREE) to get all your baby and toddler goodies delivered straight to your door!

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite Aldi baby and toddler product is!

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