Ella's Kitchen Smooshy Snacks!

As you will know if you have read my blog for a while, Bubba loves his food. He always has but now that he is getting older he is starting to become a little more selective over what he will and won't eat. We went through a phase recently where he didn't want to eat anything but yogurts! I don't think that this occasion was him being a pickle, but more like his teeth were hurting as he is cutting another one so he didn't want to chew anything. I couldn't have him living off yogurts so I set off in search of something that would still be nice and soft on his gums, but that would also get some goodness into him. Enter Ella's Kitchen Smooshy Snacks!

Now, I'm not going to lie..when I saw the flavours of these I was a little bit unsure. The range includes:
Orange & Carrot
Apple & Cucumber
Strawberry & Beetroot
To me, they seemed slightly strange flavour combinations but I should have just left my trust in the experts at Ella's Kitchen as they obviously know what they are doing and these Smooshy Snacks were a massive hit with Bubba!

Bubba loved them. They must have tasted good as he demolished a pouch within about 1 minute and I think he loves these pouches as they are the perfect size for little hands so he can be ''Mr Independent'' and do it all on his own. For me, I love the fact that you know exactly what has gone into one of these pouches. For example, in the Orange & Carrot one all that is in there is organic apples 64%, organic carrots 24%, organic orange juice 12%, a dash of lemon juice and that is it! It means that at times where Bubs is teething and doesn't want to eat, I can be safe in the knowledge that he has had some good stuff go into him if he has one of these. 

I also love that these are so convenient. I can pop one of these into a bag and go. Bubba can snack on this whenever he likes with minimal mess and fuss. Job done! And..at 89p per pouch I think they are great value for money too.
So keep an eye out for these next time your shopping as they are not only great for a day time snack, but they are great to have in the house for teething related food emergencies! 

You can see the full range of the Smooshy snacks here. 

These were sent to us to review but all opinions and views are honest and my own. 

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