Hp Instant Ink...Netflix for ink!

 Recently I was invited to the HP mind and body spa event to celebrate HP's instant ink service. Now you may be thinking the same as I was...''What does a relaxing spa experience have in common with a instant ink replacement service??''. Well let me tell you, they have A LOT in common!

Picture the scene...It's 9pm on a Wednesday night and your trying to print off that really important document that you need to get printed off today and have been working on for the past 2 hours. You set up the printer, click print and that dreaded box pops up on the bottom of your screen saying you
have no ink. What do you do?? Rush out to try and find a 24/7 superstore in the hopes they stock ink? Send the document to a friend begging them to print it for you and then have to run around there and get it? Just sit back and cry into your glass of wine and give up (normally my approach)? Well with the HP instant ink service they have taken all of the stress out of your ink running out..in fact, they will stop that from ever happening all together! That is what we were at the Ampersand Hotel in London to learn all about.

When we arrived we were treated to a glass of bubbly and some spa treatments to get us nice and relaxed and to show us how we could feel if the stress of running out of ink was abolished from our lives. Thom Brown (HP's fantastic Inkologist) then started to explain about ink and why purchasing a quality ink is so important, albeit more expensive than some alternatives. In one 6 x 4 photo print there are over 35 million droplets on ink! Not only is that a huge amount of droplets but they all have to go into the designated space and not blend together to give you a sharp, clear printed image. HP instant ink was developed not to compromise the quality whilst still making it affordable and to show us how important quality is, Thom asked us to do some colouring with some premium pencils and then some cheaper alternatives. The difference was startling! One guess which colour is the premium pencil?

Next we were off to make cocktails!!! The purpose of this exercise wasn't just to make some super scrummy Margarita, but to understand how when you use cheap ingredients, you are generally going to get a lower quality product overall. Thom started by making a Margarita using premium ingredients. Top quality tequila, nectar that compliments the tequila and freshly squeezed lime juice. Next he showed us how one could be made with cheaper alternatives. A cheap tequila, powdered sweetener and powdered lime! Yes it was cheaper to make but it looked grainy, had an awful colour and did not look appetising at all! Just showing that unless the make up of the ink is quality then you will have a lower quality print.

Finally we were treated to a luscious afternoon tea (which was accompanied with more bubbles!) and a chance to have a chat with our fellow bloggers about this service and concept. I was speaking with the beautiful Faye from Tales & Tea and we thought the HP instant ink service was a no brainer really! For just £1.99 per month (which is their lowest price plan) you will be able to print 100 pages of whatever you like (photo, word documents, colouring pages) in black and white or colour. That is a flat fee for those pages and super clever technology in the HP printers (more than 2 years old) will report back when your ink is getting low and automatically send you out a new ink cartridge before the old one runs out. They even send you a little bag through to allow you to recycle your old cartridge. It's a fantastic service that I hadn't heard about until this event and I loved it so much that me and Hubby are now considering upgrading our printer so that we can use this service! To find out more about the service and what HP instant ink can do for you and your printer click here!

I actually vlogged the whole event too so if you want to see some super cool sciencey things from Thom and watch Faye and I make cocktails and being silly then check out the video here:

 Thank you so much to HP for inviting me along to this event! I had a wonderful time and really hope that you guys enjoy the post and the video :)

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