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As you should be able to tell from the title, this post is about make up! Yes I know I am a Mummy blogger and no I am not going to be turning this into a beauty blog but a few people have commented on my make up recently so I thought I would do a post to share what I use.

Recently Bubba was poorly and it was draining. I was tired, had started to break out in spots and how I looked was the last thing on my mind. I posted a couple of pictures to social media during this time and a few people commented saying how great I looked for such little sleep (which I was very flattered by as I certainly didn't feel great!!) and asking me to share my secrets.

Now I am the type of person that wears make up most days BUT I do not wear a huge amount and my beauty regim (if you class slapping on a bit of make up and wiping away the excess with a baby wipe that) is very quick and simple. As a few people had asked..here's what is in my make up bag and gets slapped on my face each day :)

Foundation and concealer. This to me is the most essential part of my make up routine. I can cope without mascara or blusher but I hate being seen without foundation or concealer. My skin is not great and I quite often have spots or red patches so these 4 items are essential! 
Firstly, I use Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation. I have used a lot of foundations in my time as this one is amazing and since finding it I have repurchased again and again. This foundation does give a very full coverage and a little goes a very long way but it keeps my skin matte which for an oily girl like me is fantastic. Beware as it can look a little cakey if you don't put the right amount on but once you have used it a few times you will find the amount you need.
Next I go in with the concealer. I use the Rimmel London Stay Matte Double Action Concealer for my blemishes and the Collection Last Perfection Concealer for my under eyes. If I am being honest, I am not a huge fan of the Rimmel concealer as it doesn't blend very well and I am still trying to find a concealer that really does hide those pesky spots so if you have any suggestions then please let me know! The Collection concealer on the other hand...OMGeeee.. I love this little beauty! It is amazing at covering up my dark circles and lasts all day long. I think it has a touch of sparkle in it which really add a little illumination to my under eye area. I have used this for years and I am yet to find anything that tops it. Lastly, I finish my face routine by almost buffing my face with my (clearly overused) fluffy brush from a place called ELF (have a look at their website here..I haven't used their make up before but their brushes are amazing and super affordable!!) and some Rimmel Stay Matte powder. This powder, once again, is the best one I have used yet. It really does keep my face matte and I love that it is under £4 as well :) 
Oh...and whilst I am thinking about it, this post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by any of the brands I mention in it. I know I have been talking about Rimmel a lot but that is because I genuinely love the range and it works for me. 

Next up..we have the blusher and highlighter. Now, these 2 things I can give or take but generally I will use them. The blusher is, once again, from Rimmel and it's actually a really old one that I am now using because my other one was smashed by a certain 18 month old. I don't know whats it's called, it's really old but it gives me a little pinky glow and that is good enough for me. The bronzer and highlighter duo is a relatively new find and I am actually really enjoying it. It's the B. Sculpted Contour kit from Superdrug and I love using the highlighter on my brow bone and in the corners of my eyes. I find that on the days when I am super tired it just makes me look a little less like a zombie. I have hardly used the bronzer as I have no clue about contouring and bronzer! Whenever I use it I look like I have forgotten to was my face so I just tend to steer clear!!

Finally we come to the eyes. Well, eyes and eyebrows. Filling in my eyebrows is something that I have only started doing in the past 2 years and I can really see the difference in my face when I have done them. I use a small precision brush from ELF and a Collection Eyebrow Trio. I love that this has 3 different shades in it. It means that I can mix and match to get the best colour for me. I finish everything off with a quick flick of mascara. The mascara I am using at the moment is the Rimmel Wonder'Full one which I am not overally precious about. I am a bit floozy when it comes to mascara and I am yet to find one that I completely fall in love with and want to repurchase again and again.

Then that is it. I am all done and good to go. Doing all of the above tends to take about 10 minutes..if that! I use my hands and fingers for blending things in and only really use brushes when the product is a powder and I have no choice but to use a brush..Awful I know but who has time for faffing around with hundreds of different brushes?? After wiping off any excess products on my hands with a baby wipe and shoving all the stuff back into my bag we are left with the finished look.. (excuse the hair..this was a bit of a rush job!!)

So...thats my secret..there is no real secret. It's just a bit of make up and some good lighting :)

Let me know if you enjoyed this post as it is a little different from what I normally post about and please let me know in the comments if you have any beauty secrets that help you go from tired mummy to yummy mummy :)


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