My top 10 Blogging Peeves!

Recently I was tagged by the lovely Sian from Quite Frankly She Said to share my top 10 blogging peeves (check out her post here!). Now, if your not a blogging you probably won't get why these things annoy me so much but I am sure if you have dipped your toe into the blogging world then you will catch my drift :)

1. Copy cats -
Now I know that all content has most probably been written about before. It is highly unlikely that a lot of content is now fully originally and I'm not talking about that. I am talking about when you are reading a post and you start to realise that you have seen this before...the pictures look almost the same, the content is almost the same just a few words and phrases changed...THAT is what gets on my nerves! I just think that if you haven't got anything to write about then don't write! Don't go stealing other peoples content just so you have something to say.

2. Judging -
This is my biggest peeve! A blog, to me, is a personal space where you can share your thoughts and feelings with the world. Yes you may not agree with everyone's view point but don't judge other and if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything quite frankly! :)

3. Trolling -
Need I saw anymore?? I (very thankfully) have not fallen prey to the 'trolls' yet but I have seen it happen to others and I hate it!

4. Pop up's -
Follow my page...subscribe to my mailing list...click here...do this... NO!! I want to read the blog post that I clicked on, not get bombarded with ads and pop ups thank you very much!

5. Auto Tweets -
When I follow someone I do it because I am interested in them and their blog/services etc. It turns me right off when I get a DM saying ''Thanks for following us..please check out our website..''. Why do that??! I am following you because I want to, you don't need to thank me (although that is very nice) and encourage me to visit your website. Chances are I already have!

6. Irrelevant content -
A parenting blog talking about fishing boats. A beauty blog writing about cooking, A sports blog writing about holidays. I understand that people try to branch out and widen their interests and reach but I really hate it when bloggers talk about something that is completely irrelevant to their blog and brand. If they want to do it..that fine, but just explain why and were the link is?!

7. Constant reviews -
I know that at times bloggers get backed up with reviews and have to post a few in a row. I've had to do it a couple of times myself but when a blog has 20 posts in a month and 14 of those posts are reviews it makes me question where the real content is. Yes review are great and helpful but I do like to read a bit of real, un-sponsored content once in a while.

8. Blogger bitching -
This comes back to point 2 a little bit. Blogging opened my eyes to a whole new world and community that I never knew was out there. Through blogging I have met some wonderful, funny, friendly, caring and talented people but I have also seen my fair share of bitching that has been done on a very public level. Not everyone will like everyone else which is fine but I just don't believe that there should be public slagging matches or bitching contests between bloggers. It's not cool!

9. Bloggers that beg -
Begging for retweets  or mentions directly to another blogger is just awkward and not a nice situation! If they don't want to then they are put in a horrid position and its just all round not good.

10. Broken/unresponsive links -
I get so annoyed when I'm reading about something really interesting and there is a link to get more info or direct you to a store website ect and it is broken! I know it can't be helped when other change their sites or shut down at short notice but run a broken link checker once in a while. That's all I ask :)

So, they are my top 10 blogging peeves. It was actually a lot harder to do that I thought...clearly I don't get as peeved as I thought I did at certain things :)

I really want to know what annoys others though so I am tagging:
Danny from Danny UK
Haydy from Squibb Vicious

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