Stepping into Spring.

Spring always makes me think of new starts. There is nothing better, in my opinion, than having a big old spring clean, organising, clearing away all of the toot that has been building up and having a clean fresh start. It's almost like spring fills me with an energy and a motivation to get organised and moving that I don't seem to have in other seasons. Normally this energy gets thrown into my house and I end up spending every spare minute I have cleaning. This year, however, it seems to be going into something different...my blog :)
In a few weeks time I would have been blogging for a whole year (keep an eye out for some exciting giveaways to celebrate!!) and everyone around me is honestly a bit shocked that I have kept it up. Hubby said he other day "wow... I can't believe it's nearly been a year.. I thought you would have got bored within a couple of months". Deep down, I know he has firm evidence to think like that as I can be a bit floozy with things but blogging is different. I love it and it has become part of my every day life. That's why this year I want to put more energy into it to make it really special.
This mainly will be in things that you guys won't see. I want to really learn about the technical side and learn how to make my blog better techically. What I also want to do is...drum roll please.... Dive into the world of YouTube!! *nervous, excited dance!!* This is something that makes me really REALLY nervous! It's not the actual talking on camera hung that bothers me, it's the editing and the time it takes to edit. Maybe it's because I haven't really done it before but it is the only thing that is holding me back from vlogging. Well.. NO MORE :) I have downloaded some editing software and I am going to be getting a vlog live for you very soon..once I have worked out how to edit the damn thing :)
Whilst I'm writing this, I just want to take the time to say thank you all for your support so far! My follower numbers have been growing and growing and it's not just the numbers that matter, it's the fact that so many of you have contacted me or reached out to me and that just makes it so worth while when you know that someone is reading :)
So keep your eye on My Mummy Spam as (I'm hoping) big changes are about to come :)

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