The 5 things Body Confidence Challenge

Recently the beautiful Hannah from Hi Baby Blog (check her blog out here as she has a totally cute little girl and writes some fab stuff!) tagged me in the body confidence tag which challenges you to find 5 things that you are really happy with about yourself.
Since having Bubba my body confidence is probably at the lowest it has ever been. I am not moaning though as I know it is my body and only I can do something about it (keep an eye out soon for a new feature on here!!) but finding things I like about my body is difficult but here we go...

1. My hands.
I actually really like my hands as I get to see my beautiful engagement, wedding and eternity ring whenever I look down at them and I seem to have been blessed with some pretty soft skin on my hands too! Bonus!

2. My eyes.
I love my blue eyes and feel a bit special to have blue eyes as they seem a bit of a rarity now days.

3. My nose.
This may sound like a strange one and it actually surprising to me that I am saying my nose as I have always referred to it as a little piggy nose but I now love it as Bubba has it and his is super cute!! :)

Now I am stuck and feel a little like I am grasping at straws.... 

4. My hair.
I must admit I am pretty lucky with my hair. If I want to curl it, it holds it curl really well and if I straighten it, it tends to stay straight all day long. It's pretty well behaved overall.

This is now getting really hard...I have been stuck on this last one for a last 5 minutes!! 

5. My mouth.
Really grasping at straws here. I like my mouth because my voice comes from my mouth and that means I can sing and I love singing and it makes me super happy!! That counts right??? :)

So that is my 5 (well 4 plus 1 poor excuse) things that I like about my body.

I now tag so beautiful ladies who I am sure will find this super easy...
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