To my 19 month old...

To my 19 month old little boy,

How are you 19 months old?? I feel like I have blinked and now you are closer to 2 than you are to 1. It makes me want to cry!! But I want to remember how you are at this point in your life.

So, you currently have 12 teeth and have the 13th trying to pop through at the moment but it is taking FOREVER to cut. It's a canine and it's even given you another ear infection where it is being such a pain. You seem to be perking up now though.

Your saying quite a few words now and you also make sounds that we recognise as a way of communicating. You say Mum, Dad, Nan, Nandad, Go, Taa (which you are actually saying of your own accord now without being prompted), duck, Bye, Hiya and Sit (usually at Molly dog when she is jumping around). You also say ''Uh Oh'' when something has gone wrong or you have dropped something, you also almost can count to three. You make all the sounds in the right tone but the words just aren't there yet. It is very cute :)

Recently you have really been enjoying colouring and stickers. You will quite happily sit either on your own or with someone else and colour, draw or stick your stickers. You still don't really like paint as it gets your hands dirty and still aren't interested in joining in with any cooking or baking. Although, we have been out in the garden a lot more recently as the weather has started getting nice and you have really enjoyed helping us digging in the flower beds. You have actually loved being outside full stop recently. You have been loving playing in the garden and you particularly like playing with bubbles, your little golf set and collecting stones.

Things haven't been all good though...you have started to have some awful tantrums! These aren't just little crying or stamping your feet tantrums. These are full blown, screaming, hitting yourself, head butting the wall, going crazy type tantrums. I have found them so hard to deal with as I hate seeing you so upset and it must be quite scary for you when they happen as you seem to just get lost in a bit of a red mist but we are finding a way to work through them and they are happening less and less which is great.

The tantrums always seem to be linked to food. That leads me on to the other big thing with you at the moment...food! It has only dawned on me recently that you are no longer a baby eating baby food, you are a toddler who pretty much eats everything. Your favourite things at the moment are spaghetti bolognase, potato waffles, beans, bananas and wotsits!

Your still sleeping really well (as a rule) and tend to go to bed at 7pm and sleep until about 6.30-7am. Your having 1 nap in the day now at about 1/2pm and you tend to sleep for an hour and a half. We haven't put you in your toddler bed or in a duvet yet as your happy in your cot and your sleeping bag. Your not making any attempt to climb out of your bed at the moment so until you start doing that, we are just going to leave you as you are.

I could go on and on about what you are doing and how wonderful you are but the basics of it is that you are still our affectionate, funny, cheeky little pickle who is just becoming more and more independent by the day. I am just doing my best to soak it all up as I know that I will blink and you will almost be 2!

Love you always little boy

Mummy xxxxxxxx

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